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With our team building activities we offer unusual activities and help stimulate the growth of team spirit in the company.

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Plan a TEAM BUILDING activity - empower your team

Team building activities are essential to boost team bonding. We achieve that by focusing on people. Team building is a key component of a business's success and enables internal transmission of the company's values.

If you want to achieve your business goals, you should never lose sight of your team members' well-being. That is why we offer innovative ideas for inspiring and thought-provoking human experiences.  Having adapted part of our work during the pandemic, we are now able to offer virtual team building services an digital meetings on dedicated platforms.

Our team building offer includes creative activities such as music, theatre, cooking, or ice sculpture. Pick the best experience for your team and we will provide all the technology you need for it to turn into an amazing moment of collective bonding.

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Why you should you hold a team building event for your company

If you think that corporate team building is "nothing but a day off for your employees" our team of event planners will surprise you! Fun and engaging scavenger hunts on vintage cars, outdoor sports, snowmobile- and jeep-racing, canoeing, rafting, orienteering, Tibetan-bridge-crossing, and team cooking are just some of the activities we have in store. We will analyze your team and its specific needs to come up with the perfect combination for your unique team building program.

If you think that corporate team building is nothing more than 'a half-day of fun outside the office', you should be aware that no communication is more effective than direct experience. Our event managers will surprise your team by boosting motivation you and helping you choose the right activity for your team, one that empowers your employees and helps foster a sense of comfort within the company, building on solid team wellbeing. Planning your corporate team building has never been easier: Smart Eventi, with its many years' worth of team building experience, can organise the perfect activity to suit your every need.

Offer your team a moment of educational fun, host team building event

Treasure hunts in vintage cars, outdoor sporting activities, snowmobile racing, jeep or canoe rides, rafting, orienteering, Tibetan bridge crossing, team cooking and much more: we will design a unique mix of team building activities to provide the perfect experience your team needs to bond.

Carton Boat team building

We received top-quality service in every respect, from the selection of the venue to the excellent program of team building activities and entertainment

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Beyond team building classics

You can host a team building event in your city, or incorporate the experience into an incentive trip. Smart Eventi will double as your incentive travel agency. We will take care of every detail, from logistics to bookings, as part of a project designed to improve group dynamics, according to your goals, enriching your cultural, social and generational experience. Exclusive locations in Italy and abroad and a vast network of local professionals and vendors, to make each experience unique and engaging. We will follow you every step of the way, planning your team-building activities and turning them into emotional moments.

Leonardo's Secret for Boston Consulting
Leonardo's Secret for Boston Consulting

We planned a unique team building event for Boston Consulting, featuring the Leonardo's Secret game. It involved dividing the participants into teams, which challenged each other in a treasure hunt around Milan, with multiple Leonardo Da Vinci-themed challenges.

Team building day for Alleanza Assicurazioni
Team building day for Alleanza Assicurazioni

We organised a summer camp in a former hunting reserve where a whole day was dedicated to team building activities. All participants competed in various challenges designed to enhance everyone's skills through outdoor physical and logic tests.

Host a team building event during an incentive trip

Smart Eventi gets frequent requests for in-person and/or virtual team building and incentive trips. Organising team building events is the best way to build corporate well-being. You can find an up-to-date list of our projects in our portfolio section.

Companies that have hosted team building events with Smart Eventi

One of our most successful team-building events was the one we hosted for Heineken, for whose finance department we planned a high-tech treasure hunt in central Milan. The clues were based on the company's core principles. Achieved goal: team bonding.

For Allianz, we hosted a 'dinner and a murder mystery' team building event, inspired by British writer Agatha Christie. The event took place at Lake Garda. The participants tried their hand at both acting and detective work, guided by a theatre company.

Finally, for Gattinoni we provided a team building activity inspired by the TV programme 'Jeux sans frontières'. We did not host it in a sports field, but in a period villa. One of the first games was the human snake, followed by a classic relay race. These games are aimed at improving the team's performance and coordination. For the same team, we also designed other games: the mega crossword puzzle, the "acid river", the "spinning bike" and a pool game.


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