Customers' feedback - You can read the reviews and comments of the customers that chose us, and with whom we collaborated.

Viktoria Weger
Teamlead Retail Marketing of Sportler AG

Our experience with Guru Marketing in organizing this promotional campaign was extraordinary. We appreciated not only your professionalism and creativity, but also your ability to push us beyond traditional marketing boundaries. Guru Marketing guided us in activating new and innovative channels, including the inclusion of micro influencers who participated in the private opening, helping to create an authentic and resonant engagement with our target audience. Their strategic planning and precise execution led to tangible results and extremely positive feedback from our clients and community. We are grateful for the partnership with Guru Marketing and look forward to collaborating again in the future to continue promoting our brand and mission with creativity and impact.

We had a great time and the party was a success. Kudos to the catering service, which was very much appreciated. We would love to organise another party in the summer!

Fabio Fabiano
Group Organization & Workforce Planning – Head of Group HR Digital Processes

"Like every year, we asked Smart Eventi to support us in planning our team workshop, to celebrate the year's achievements and prepare for the strategic priorities that await us in the new year. Eugenia understood our expectations perfectly and designed a 2-day event with a perfect mix of business and leisure/team building moments. The overall atmosphere was warm and welcoming at all times. We will definitely be in touch soon for our next team event!"

Eleonora Di Benedetto
HR Specialist

We would like to thank Eugenia and all of the team at Smart Eventi for their support in organising this team building event. Everything was perfect, from the venue to the detailed planning of the activity. Our employees were delighted and they greatly appreciated this opportunity for collaboration and teamwork!

Michela Sgambelluri
Global Sales Support Assistant

Thank you for a great evening, it was a real success! Our colleagues greatly praised the presenter's skill and the overall engaging experience.

Riccardo Orsi
iad Italy marketing and communication manager

"We have worked with Smart Eventi on several successful events. I have nothing but praise for their services, which always measure up to our standards, they are efficient and flawless and an authentic pleasure to work with, them, both professionally and personally. To us, they are reliable partners, not just suppliers.
Strongly recommended."

Maria Fabbri
Marketing and Communication Dept.

Your team’s versatility and helpfulness provided an added value for the success of our first corporate team building event. Clara was able to channel our tastes, choosing locations and activities in line with our corporate objectives, and engaging the Greensun team in the best possible way. The Val D'Orcia with its landscapes, colours and flavours granted us an immersive experience.

Swag Team

"The project carried out by Gurulabdesign for our company on the occasion of our participation as a sponsor at the Wemakefuture conference in Rimini was a great success! They walked us through each phase, from the planning and designing of the booth, with great understanding for our creative and technical needs, right through to the construction and dismantling phase. The result was an original and creative booth that did not go unnoticed."

The team at Smart Eventi has been professional, responsive and reliable from the very early stages of the organization of our Team Building. They were able to understand our main goal and proposed few ad hoc activities that proved to be in line with our requests. In particular, Eugenia has always been very approachable, reactive and an excellent partner in the realization of our event while Fabio has been an extremely entertaining host who managed to stir up the competitiveness of the audience and warm up the atmosphere. The team building worked out successfully and all our colleagues engaged in the activity
proposed. The aim was that of strengthening the collaboration among us whilst sending a strong message to each one of us… we can say that the target was fully accomplished.

Jasmine Cappella
HR | People & Culture

"The event was amazing, probably the best we have ever had. It was a time of sharing and fun, truly the best way to say goodbye before the holidays! Creative ideas came out of even the most unexpected people during the activity and it made us create connections that don’t normally occur in the workplace. The venue was beautiful and the organisation impeccable, we couldn't have asked for better!"

Sales Assistant at C Consulting S.p.A.

We renewed our collaboration with the outstanding professionals at Smart Eventi. Within the team, we usually work with Federica, who knows us and understands exactly what we need. She was able to advise us and led us to this absolute gem of a venue. Federica's supervision was constant, efficient and meticulous as always. Nothing was left to chance. Our guests were in love with the venue and absolutely delighted by the catering. Smart Eventi has access to the best venue and Federica's excellent professionalism and expertise are a priceless gift to any company who decides to work with them. We are incredibly grateful for everything she did. We are already looking forward to the next event.

Thank you for your availability and patience. The end result is definitely positive, and we are also receiving confirmation of this these days from our colleagues and managers. The venue had a huge impact on all attendees, and the catering was greatly appreciated. Congratulations!

Alessandra Businaro
Member of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Company Managers

Gloria's facilitation role was paramount in organising and supervising the event. She showed great flexibility and willingness to find a solution, she was quick in drafting a budget, and always kind, even to those who did not always reciprocate. I warmly recommend working with her.

Elena Milan
Account Manager - Europe Jellycat Ltd

The event went very well. The location was beautiful and we were able to showcase and highlight our products in a truly impressive setting. We would like to thank you for your cooperation and for always responding to us in a precise, detailed and timely manner, offering us help in all aspects of event management, from organisation to administration and logistics. Thanks to you, we were able to organise this event within a short time frame. You were very helpful, professional, organised and always showed passion for your work. Everything went according to our expectations and we are thrilled with the result.

Marco Conforti
Pharmacy director

Our feedback is completely positive, congratulations on the impeccable organisation and perfect timing, we were absolutely delighted.

The event was a success, everything worked out perfectly and we received enthusiastic praise from our attendees. I enjoyed working with the Smart Eventi team because of their efficient organisation, attention to detail and above all for the amazing event concept they created.

Emanuela Di Lavanzo
Marketing Manager - Italy, Greece, Cyprus & Israel Liferay

We relied on Smart Eventi's professionalism, and Federica's in particular, to deliver an institutional event for our clients. Federica's expertise, helpfulness and competence were crucial to the success of this event.

Thank you, you were great. You exceeded our expectations. We will work together again soon!

"Yet another positive experience with the Smart Eventi team. The cocktail challenge, the team building activity that we selected for our Group's new employees, turned out to be very enjoyable and well organised. Your team showed outstanding expertise. Moreover, you were able to customise each activity to our particular needs, resulting in a perfect summer poolside event!"

Beatrice Vesponi
Web APSP Specialist Sesto Autoveicoli S.p.a.

Thank you Gloria for your professionalism and your assistance in organising this event. Although the weather worked against us, your help proved essential; the catering and venue were greatly appreciated.

Fabrizio Bellantone

From the very beginning, Smart Eventi showed an understanding of our needs, guiding us in the delivery of the event. Clara constantly proved to be empathetic, helpful and competent, and, given the positive feedback we received and our coworker’s patent enjoyment, we can definitely say that the activity was a success and we are entirely satisfied with it.

Fiorenza Marangolo

Everything worked out perfectly. The timetable was met, the food was great as was the service. We were satisfied in every respect. I felt supported and followed from start to finish. Amazing work! Thanks again for everything, we hope to work with you again in the future.

HR Manager

The party went perfectly, everyone was very happy with the organisation, the venue and the

Talent Manager Atomical

The Atomical team would like to thank Gloria for her support during the management of our launch event. Both during the initial contact phase, when she came up with a proposal that was perfectly in line
with what we were looking for, and throughout the organisation of the event.

Sales Account Manager.

The working relationship was extremely smooth and the support from your side was total. We are an 'international company, so the bureaucratic management was definitely not easy but eugenia who followed us, was always extremely considerate, succeeding perfectly in the organization of this event despite having to deal with 3 different figures involved in the organization and sometimes absent for business trips. The smiles on the faces of my colleagues once the event was over, I would say is emblematic of the quality of the service offered.

Office Manager

I already knew Smart Eventi, and I had no doubt about choosing them to throw our Opening Party at our new offices. They accompanied us in choosing the most suitable service providers for the occasion, in a dynamic context where the well-being of employees is greatly valued. In addition to the DJ, we had two caterers, one dedicated to food and one to beverage, both very good: finger food in generous portions and excellent cocktails, as well as competent staff. Federica, the contact person for our event, is a reliable and really smart woman. Congratulations!

Brand & Marketing Activation Manager presso GROHE

Our experience with the Smart Eventi’s unit Guru Marketing has been very satisfying. It is a serious, sharp agency, able to work extensively throughout the territory, understanding the needs and proposing valid, capable and selected staff. When needed they have proved capable of managing problems, solving them in any situation, ensuring maximum availability 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our tour was a success thanks to their collaboration, which guaranteed us the organization of an event studied in detail, despite the short time available and the limited budget.

Board Executive Assistant

It was a fantastic experience that we will remember for a long time!

Finance & Operations Director

I would like to thank the Smart Event team for a pleasant and successful paint-focused team building, and confirm that the people who took part in the event were all delighted and satisfied. We enjoyed the beautiful storytelling around ancient alchemy and its evolution into the present day by the very talented Nicoletta, as well as the venue scouting, event and lunch planning, and the willingness to work on intersectionality within individual groups. I saw our team members tune into the perfect team spirit without losing sight of the big picture and each contributing with their creative effort to the final result. You passed with flying colours!

Business Unit Manager Beauty & Personal Care, Home Care and I&I

A relaxing afternoon, between art and nature, in which we talked about the importance of harmony and balance. Thanks to Eugenia Merani and Smart Eventi for guiding us on this path. And thanks to a fantastic team!

Sara Siragusa
Marketing Advisor

On several occasions Smart Eventi has supported us to organize our events in Milan, always with great professionalism, responding to our needs promptly and efficiency. We especially appreciated the splendid location, receiving excellent feedback from our guests.


We spent two wonderful days together. The contribution of Smart Events has been invaluable in every step of the event creation, from planning to implementation, both remotely and directly in location. Thank you for your professionalism, company and support, without which it would not have been possible to achieve this goal with confidence.

Marketing & public relations

Due to the wonderful organization of smarteventi, our event was a complete success. Federica took care of every detail from the location search to the planning of the catering and the detailed planning of the equipment. This made our job much easier. Always in a good mood, she was open to any concerns. Thank you so much for everything, Federica

Partner at BIP

This was a wonderful experience! We were all satisfied with the organisation, the content and the result!

Assistant Director and Internal Communication

The Smart Eventi team supported us in organizing the Xmas Party dedicated to employees in our new headquarters in Milan. Right from the design stage, they have been very attentive to our needs and have proposed solutions that are perfectly in line with our requests. Precise, punctual and organized, they have guaranteed us excellent services. Event appreciated by all and a significantly positive experience, which we will keep in consideration for future organizations.

The team building activity was a success, thanks to the proactivity of our colleagues who took part in it, as well as to the excellent planning and the whole Smart Eventi team!

HR | People & Culture

The decision to rely on Smart Eventi was the best as we enjoyed a funny and entertaining Christmas team building. We greatly appreciated the attention to detail and organization, from the early stages of project structure to the grounding. All the participants asked me to report the compliments for the "snack with crime" activity: acting and being an active part of the story was a good moment to push us out of our comfort zone and be someone or something completely different for once. Dinner to it was a hit! They were all satisfied, particularly appreciating the options for our vegan and coeliac colleagues, without secondary level in the care, preparation, and quality of the materials. It will be a pleasure to collaborate again with Smart Eventi!

Elodie Plan
Principal Consultant & Business Development Team Leader

Eugenia, Alessandro and Clara provided amazing support for our 2022 company trip in Rome. They suggested thrilling team building activities following our theme, and were here with us every step of the way to support what was a successful meeting.

Junior Marketing & Social Media Manager

Hi Giulia, the pleasure was ours. Again, you hve been perfect! In the coming months, we are thinking of organizing another event together. Thank you,cheers.

Stefania Bellini
Sales Manager

Selexi considers the Christmas event  noteworthy as it closes the work experience of the year, requiring a suitable location both for a professional meeting and a celebration at the end. The location met both needs, and for the third time, Smart Eventi met the expectations of management and collaborators. Clara and Eugenia were very helpful and welcoming

iOS Consultant

We had an experience that we highly recommend, made unforgettable thanks to a really good staff, a perfectly successful organization, and a lot of fun guaranteed. Smart Eventi allowed us to spend a pleasant weekend on the shores of Lake Maggiore in the name of relaxation and fun. Thanks to the proposed activities, we were able to recover the team atmosphere lost with the quarantine and welcome the newcomers. Therefore a sincere thanks to Smart Eventi for the great commitment and dedication in organizing and carrying out the work. "

Greetings, I must say a big thank you to you, Federica, The Palace Staff, and your dedicated teams. It was a pleasure to be in Milan and its people like you that make experiencing new places feel so homely, yet still adventurous. Myself, and everyone at Go Live has a great amount of gratitude for your generosity and efficiency throughout the whole event process :)  I hope we require your services again sometime soon. God bless you and your processes, they're certainly noteable.   I will request Mayur to pay the invoice for those outstanding orders and i wish you the best for all your future projects, Ciao :) Benjamin Abbott    Hello Federica, However, I can confirm my maximum satisfaction with the success of the event. I think it has been the best-organized catering in Milan since I have been working in the company, both from a qualitative and a quantitative point of view. Guests who come from outside Milan often jokingly criticize Milan events as circumstances where you operate without eating. The guests themselves were the first to compliment us and were pleasantly surprised! The support of the girls at the welcome desk was perfect and the direction of infinite patience went along with our every request. Sincere congratulations. We'll be back soon! Simona Berta  

Responsabile commerciale Selexi

"The elegant and suggestive location is perfect for business meetings/presentations with an aperitif in tow. Federica, our contact person for the event, always manages to provide a personalized service, satisfying everyone with the event.


The collaboration with Smart Eventi has certainly been positive cause we have found a 360-degree service of an excellent level, and consequently we will certainly rely on Smart Eventi again thanks. Alviero Martini

Marketing Specialist

A heartfelt thanks for the support received in organizing our first Rockfon Temporary Showroom in Europe, especially to Stefania who, with professionalism, experience, and attention to detail, made it possible to achieve our goal, providing us with solutions for every need, avoiding any possible unforeseen, a fundamental and decisive ability for the success of an event. The experience was very positive and laid the excellent foundations for any future collaborations. On behalf of the entire Rockfon team, thanks Stefania, and thanks Smart Eventi!

Executive Assistant

It was a great experience. Everything was perfectly organized by a funny staff and we enjoyed ourselves like never before. Undoubtedly an amazing experience.Thank you!

Sales Assistant

With the help of Smart Eventi, we organized the first face-to-face event after two years of the pandemic. The location was the perfect setting for our event in Milan which was attended by 80 people from the center to the north, appreciating the structure and the suggestions transmitted by the place. An oasis of peace in the center of Milanese traffic. Our contact person Federica Ferron did her best to meet all our requests. All defined and studied in detail, from the staff to the truly excellent catering chosen by Smart Eventi. The service staff was equally helpful and professional. Federica followed us step by step in the choice and organization of the event. She stayed with us and supervised the post-installation to make sure everything was perfect until dismantling at the end of the event. Thanks for the professionalism and availability shown.

Marketing e Communication

Thank you once again for organizing the party. The evening went very well and all the guests liked the format! Not to mention the truly spectacular location. Everyone confirmed their compliments! I hope that we will still have the opportunity to work together or to be able to suggest someone organize their events with you.

Managing Partner

I would like to thank Anna as she was of great help during our event search and organization during the World of Coffee event that took place in Milano from June 23 to June 25.  She was very diligent in providing us different locations and finding the suitable options to our budget.  Anna was very organized and systematic, providing us with a wide range of possible locations. This truly helped us to select the best option for our event.  After finalizing the event selection it was also very helpful to have her with us during the beginning of the company get together at the venue.  She was able to provide creative solutions when spontaneous problems raised (I had handed in the wrong presentation) and we were able – thanks to her help and coordination – to connect the right presentation. She has the great virtue of keeping a cool head in a nervous situation, providing good guidance to us.  For this we are very thankful and whish her all the best for her professional and personal career! 

HR Manager

We collaborated with Smart Eventi last April on the occasion of the EMEA Sales & Commercial Meeting, an event attended by approximately seventy colleagues of the Mitsubishi group from all over the world. Smart Eventi has identified, in record time, an impeccable location in the center of Milan, coordinating with the staff of the structure both for the assignment of the rooms and for the catering service. We also had all the necessary support for the logistical and technical part, from setting up the room to the setup of the audio and video systems. Thanks to Daniele and his precious collaborators, the event took place with extreme naturalness, so much that we received repeated compliments from Mitsubishi's Top Management.

Project Manager

Thanks to the services offered by Smart Eventi, we were capable of organizing our first "big" corporate event. We asked to set up an aperitif to let our network get to know each other and exchange ideas, and thanks to Giulia, who supported us from the search of the location to the choice of catering, the event was possible. Needful person and ready to satisfy our requests, finding the right meeting point for organizational purposes.

HR Generalist GHR-IT (GHR-IT)

The proposal of the orienteering activity was an opportunity to experience a day outdoors outside the daily routine and to strengthen the spirit of collaboration and problem solving of the participants. Knowing how to get by with the few resources available and working together to achieve the goal are certainly two key elements for excellent team working!

Marketing & Communication Director

It is well known that Milan Design Week is a crucial event full of expectations for those who work in the world of Design. For this reason, we needed someone to help us identify the most suitable location for the launch of the new collection and to support us in the organization. The partner we found with Smart Eventi, especially Stefania Scaccabarozzi, our contact person for this project, followed us throughout the organization of the Fuorisalone Masiero 2022. Thanks for the professionalism, availability, and spirit of collaboration. Working with Stefania was a real pleasure, to which I offer my sincere thanks.

responsabile marketing

A heartfelt thanks to Smart Eventi and a special mention to Stefania Scaccabarozzi, who with Best Location Srl, helped us to obtain the permits for the event, the construction of the structures, and all the bureaucracy management.

Marketing & Exhibitions

The collaboration with Smart Eventi was exciting and adrenaline-pumping. There was an understanding even before starting by marking a fruitful path during all phases of the event. All the collaborators, even the most skeptical, were involved by the creativity and dynamism of the team, and the location also made an impact, conveying a sense of tranquility and energy at the same time. The “Charity building” team building activity was welcomed and implemented with great passion and dedication. The intent was to spend carefree hours together, building something socially useful and recreating an atmosphere of union between people. The bizarre interview entertained us for which a special thanks goes  to the direction of Corinna. The result was amazing and brilliant, arousing as many emotions as laughter.

HR Generalist GHR-IT (GHR-IT)

Bike Building: is an excellent metaphor to entertain and make think teams that collaborate automatically everyday. A simple but at the same time challenging activity, which gave to the many participants the opportunity to get involved in an unusual teamwork compared to the regular work routine.

Human Resources

We recently concluded a corporate event organized for our parent company in collaboration with Smart Eventi. The commitment was great: a long, intense week marked by the many initiatives planned, but in which we took part with joy and with a great desire to do. The organization was perfect, starting from the search for the location, to the meeting rooms, to the team building, perfectly organized with an exceptional English-speaking animator. Even the lunches, coffee breaks, and dinners in always different locations have contributed to making a difference on the whole organizational level. Not to forget the logistics; all of this was handled impeccably and carefully. The feedback and compliments we received from colleagues across the Alps were concrete proof of this. I thank all the staff, Eugenia in particular, who supported us in the preparatory phase and during the week in question. It was a real success!

Head of Media

The event went smoothly, with excellent organization, location, and food. We received positive compliments from all the participants, and I wanted to thank you for meeting our needs. See you soon, at the next event.

Sara Poggiani
Project Manager

"The event did not go well: VERY WELL!!! So thank you very much for your support and your professionalism Merenda con delitto was a success and the location was absolutely perfect. We look forward to organize our next off-site with you!"

Bruno Armillas
General coordinator

"Professionalism and availability. The creative design of the stand struck us particularly, even the professionalism in managing the organization of the stand was exhaustive. A great added value was finding a team that took care of all the management and organization of our stand, also taking care also of aspects of the online communication of the event. Truly a 360 degree service. Thanks Guru Lab Design! "

Claudio Pustorino
Agile Coach

Smart Eventi proved to be a precious ally during the organization of our latest corporate event. The careful and constant presence, the quality of the facilitation with the suppliers involved and the qualified consultancy have exponentially reduced the organizational load, benefiting the result at the same time. Another note of merit was the ability to immediately identify the heart of our intentions and our areas of competence, assisting us where it was necessary and leaving us the right discretion in the areas that competed with us. The high listening skills demonstrated made the collaboration not only fruitful, but also enjoyable. The collaboration with Smart Eventi, in the person of Stefania Scaccabarozzi, is an experience that fully returns the investment and that we will certainly repeat.

Giorgio Manduzio
Head of sales & public relations

Thanks Stefania, First of all, I confirm full customer satisfaction for everything and for the whole event. Speaking of you what to say ... professionalism, attention to detail, availability have distinguished you very well. I do not dwell on the beauty of the theater because it is known and obvious but a location, even if beautiful, comes alive with people (like a theater with actors) and yes, I can say, "the show" you staged was a showstopper. Thanks again, really.

Elisa Gesuato
Project Manager

Successful event, excellent turnout and perfect location to host an initiative of this type. Giorgio was very helpful and it was a pleasure to work with him

Nicolò Zambotto
Sales Manager

Thank you for the support in organizing the event which at all levels they were happy with, or at least, I have not received any complaints which is already a success I'm glad you felt at home with us! I will certainly keep you in mind if we intend to do something also for 2022, whatever event it is.    

Davide Cannata
Senior Designer

An idyllic collaboration. Smart Eventi has always been by our side, accompanying us step by step in this exciting journey of Fuorisalone 2021. Availability and reliability are the cornerstones that distinguish them from any other company in the sector. The staff is highly qualified and willing to make everything functional and cared for down to the smallest detail. Stefania Scaccabarozzi, in particular, was the reference figure who made all this possible, staying by my side throughout the creative and organizational process.  

Dominique Morrissey
PA/Office Manager

"Just wanted to let you know that we had the most amazing time ever in Milan and Deconsecrated Church was most certainly the highlight!! Everyone who enjoyed last year’s trip to Barcelona and loved it there said this venue was even better and surpassed everyone’s expectations so thank you so much for being able to have the intuition that such a venue was what we were looking for given you did not really know us – it was spot on!! Thanks so much for being “ that agency” in Milan with the knowledge I needed to tap in to – you were a star! And so very, very helpful."

Elena Camorali

"Today the event was great! The location was perfect for the day and we left everything tidy and clean. I hope that everything went well on your side too and we'll keep in touch for sure for the next events!"

Relationship Manager
Viviana Vaccaro

"The beautiful thing of the relationdhip with Smart Eventi is having an absolutely transparent dialogue: the honesty in expressing opinions and feedback one to each other played a winning role in the realisation of this event."

Executive Assistant to Modern Workplace Director and MTC&EBC Director

"Hi Eugenia, Thank you so much for the photos and your support all the way long.

Catrine Rasmussen
Marketing consultant

Hi Ylenia, I just wanted to say thank you for all the organization of the evening. It was all so great! Really! And all the staff were so nice and professional and the DJ was great. Too much food haha ​​but really fantastic food

Martina Casonato
Jr. Brand & Communications Manager

"I officially write you to thank you for all the work done. It has been a pleasure to work with you. You're availability and kindness have been really appreciated from everyone and also our CEO expressed positive comments. We thank a lot Angy too because, as presenter, she has been amazing!"

Valentina Malonni
Back Office

Our company needed an agency that quickly understood our needs and put them into practice, with new and innovative ideas to make us recognizable and make us stand out. Smart Eventi with Lucio's passion has been able to realize and close the project on time and with good results. Their team is tight-knit, dreamy, but at the same time realistic. Nothing is left to chance, even when something is not directly relevant to them they do their best to make everything work. We would trust them with other projects.

"It has been an amazing day and it has been a pleasure to work with you. Everything was perfect and the service was impeccable. You are really great and compliments to Luca too, who helped us in an umpeccable way"

“Good morning Luca, many thanks for all the work accomplished for the event! It has truly been a great evening and everyone had a lot of fun. Angie is a precious one too and she made our evening fabulous ”

Cinzia Chiesa

For sure we'll take you into consideration for future events as we've worked very well with you.

Katrin Herden
Interior designer

I thank you, Stefania for the collaboration and assistance and to suggest us this amazing location.

Emilio Tini

I'm satisfied because I found helpful and collaborative professionals who offered a wide range of interesting solutions and costs of production.

The event was impeccably planned, with great attention to detail. We would especially like to thank Giulia who assisted and supported us patiently, every step of the way, always giving us the best advice and coming up with innovative ideas and proposals. We were delighted by your professionalism and reliability. We were very satisfied with the party: it was a success and all the guests had a great time.

Cynthia Cantu

"Good morning Eugenia and Alessandro, I wanted to thank you again for your amazing collaboration and the great job. I hope we'll have the occasion to work with you in the future!"

Jennifer Gartz
Marketing Manager

Smart Eventi has been very helpful. We hope we could repeat the experience in other occasions and in other countries and we'd like to count always on services of this quality.

Giampaolo Prada
Channel Sales Manager - Digital Factory Division

"Everything was excellent, location and catering very appreciated. Excellent collaboration with you Stefania, you always give me good suggestions, you're precise and punctual."

Federazione Italiana Vela

I can only confirm what has been expressed verbally i.e. full appreciation in all respects for what concerns you/them the things that can be improved do NOT depend on you or even less on you, Gloria. Excellent ability to translate our needs with a proposal that suits us, excellent support both before and during the event, thank you for all that. What I mean by improvable, to be "ultra nitpicky," concerns our organization i.e., the fact that we were not able to have time to rehearse beforehand. Thank you again, and, I confirm that the moment I need to find a facility that suits our needs, I will contact you again; we know each other by now, and this is an advantage for both of us. So I take my leave with a 'see you next time

Viviana Vaccaro
Relationship Manager Engel & Völkers Italia S.r.l.

Hi Alessandro, It has been a real success, the guests said it has been one of the best company events ever organized for the attention to details and the managing precision. Viviana Vaccaro

Ulrich Rüter
Director of DZT Italian delegation

Dear Miss Basagni, We've been very satisfied of the huge answer of the media representatives and of the positive feedback of the participants. You gave an important contribution to the event to be successful. The evening wouldn't have achieved such a great success without your active support. It has been a pleasure working with you because you have always been available and willing to support us in every request. The catering has been satisfying too: the waiters were always nice and friendly. In conclusion, I can say that when we'll plan future projects, for sure we'll take your location into consideration.

Claudia Cirillo
Marketing & Communication Manager

The location is really amazing and the staff both from the location and Stefania have been very nice and helpful. We hope we could repeat our presence with other events or meetings. Perfect location!

Communication team

Dear Eugenia and Alessandro, thanks in the name of all Empire Communication for the excellent work done with the convention and for the professionalism, availability, patience and sympathy with which you have supported us since the early stages of organization of the event: the excellent feedback from all the participants regarding choice of locations, teambuilding exercises and recreational activities was just another confirmation of the quality of your service. Working with you was fun and enjoyable: more loaded and united than ever, the team looks forward to other opportunities for future collaboration.

Deborah Zagari
Human Capital Management

It has been a success, everybody was very happy!! Thank you so much for your support, it has been a pleasure to work together. Of course you’ll be our first supplier for our next team building activity!

Event Manager & Executive Assistant – LS Sales & Marketing

Hi Eugenia, Thank you once again for all your help in pulling the event together, everyone had a really fabulous time and I would love to be able to do it again with a different group if I can. It was a pleasure to work with you and finally get to meet you in person. Kind regards, Julia

Anna Beduschi
Marketing Officer Italy

Working with Smart Eventi has been the best solution to organize our event in Milan. As we’re a company based abroad, it was fundamental for us to receive a constant and effective support from our partner. Since the location proposal Sara understood our needs and she managed to propose us a location which was perfectly in line with our expectations and with the imagery of our brand. This relation has been very effective not only during the planning phase but also during the execution one, even managing to satisfy the last minutes requests.   *we have organized a second event for this customer"

Andrea Santangelo
Sales and Marketing Manager

Hi Alessandro,
Thank you, we have always been very well with you and we have appreciated your constant presence in the various moments, which has always been one of your strengths. Thank you

Ludovica Cambi
Junior HR Coordinator EMEA, Energy Group

Dear Eugenia, once again thanks from all Canadian Solar company for the professionalism, attention and above all kindness with which you organized and realized the event. It is always a pleasure to work with you and we are sure that there will be other opportunities.

Tiziana Pergola
Special Project Manager Vogue Italia

Hi Giulia, We are satisfied of the location chosen, your cure and willingness. Thank you and see you soon.

Agata Marchetti
Head of Press Office and Communication

Thank you for the precious collaboration and for the social sharing, it has been a great event. To the next occasion!

Michael Downey

Tijana was a brilliant person to work with when we launched are roadshow event in Milan in March. We had such a short deadline to make this event happen and she delivered on time and on budget. My team unfortunately was delayed to the event but Tijana ensured all our guest were taken care of until are arrival. During the event she was very attentive to the needs of our guest and crew and continuously ensured that food and drinks were constantly flowing into the event space. We could not have asked for a better person to support our event and would definitely work with her again if the need was to arise.  She was very friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Roberto Riccardi
Director of Marketing and Communication

Dear Mr. Rossenigo,  I want to let you know our society's satisfaction of Smart Eventi's service, in occasion of the gala dinner, that we must define irreproachable. The location scouting, the research of the best catering society - of which we'd like to enlight the high quality of food and personal service - mixed wih an accurate attention to the details and the constant assistence of the staff in the design of the event, made the dinner an important reference point for the future similar business events. I take this opportunity to thank you and enthusiastically greet.

Simone Migliorini
Organisation Manager of the Roman Theatre International Festival in Volterra

I wanted to thank you also from the whole staff and the organisation, from the patrons and the sponsors and also the artists and I'd like and we'd like to thank the whole Smart Eventi and Guru Marketing Agency, because they cheated on me, but for a good purpose. I wait for you in Volterra to start working on the next edition and let you see what you've done!

Julie Pichon
Consultante - Chargée de Projet

We were very pleased to collaborate with you on our two events we were organizing in Italy for the brand Céline. We really appreciated all your kindness & reactivity on this project. You provided us an immense support during those past four weeks. Our client is besides more than satisfied and happy. The two events were a huge success ! You really did a great job and we won’t hesitate to contact you again regarding future events we could organise in Italy !  Looking forward to collaborate very soon with you, Julie

Bruno Vavalà
Front-end Manufacturing and Technology R&D Group Vice President Director-Financial Control

Hi Alessandro, I wanted to thank you again for your professionalism, your seriousness and your fondness which supported us in these three days of meeting. I wasn't wrong. I made an excellent choice and I hope we could collaborate again in the future. Anyway I will share your contact with my friends who could be interested. Thank you again and have a nice day

Finance Manager Voyage Privè Italia

Hi Lucio, It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Smarteventi. As it was the first Italian big party they have been able to support us giving good advice concerning the choice of the locations and the activities. The experience on the venetian galleon excited all the participants such as the amazing rafting and canyoing activities developed in a wonderful natural context. Lucio and Eugenia were very helpful to try to satisfy all our requests and to make the whole experience amazing. Thank you so much and we'd like to continue the collaboration in the future.

Giulia Rossi
Office Manager for Canadian Solar

I wanted to thank you on behalf of all Canadian Solar staff and mainly from Giulia and me for your job and all the support you gave us.
Everything went well and the organisation was perfect. We manage to achieve our aim. 
Thank you for your professionalism.
We hope to have other occasions in the future to collaborate with you again.

Maria Pellegatta
Marketing Communication

The event was excellent, everything went on in the best possible way and our guests were very satisfied at the end of the meeting.

Annalisa Adamo
HR Business Partner Customer Service & Logistics for HEINEKEN Italia S.p.A.

Hi Alessandro,
I received an excellent feedback of the event:
amazing trials
excellent involvement
right balance of time
Therefore congratulations from me too and a special thanks to the dedication you show!

Isabel Ruiz
Sales Department

Hi Lucio,
Thank you for your great job. The feedback was very good and the people enjoy the activity!

Cristina Mastella
General Manager

I personally thank Stefania and her collegues for the precious support received before and during the Milan Design Week. Stefania has always been accurate in the answers and professional in the assistence provided to us, making it easy for us obtaining all the burocratic and contractual procedures surrounding the lease of the location and the esternal spaces for our events. Thanks again and at see you at the next opportunity ! 

Mariella Lombardi
Event Manager Formula CPI

Thank you so much for organizing our team building activity last Thursday, for our customer TIM-Telecom. Everything went as planned and our customer was very satisfied.

Ivana Pisati
Executive Assistant

We have organized two successful events thanks to the Smart Events and I must say that, by experience, I rarely find so much professionalism, seriousness and accuracy in choosing both the location and the catering and you managed to do it all perfectly.
Someone once said that the only way to do a great job is to love what you do. You love it and we can see it. Keep doing it because that will keep our collaboration alive. A special thanks to Alessandro, who fulfilled all of our wishes and needs while being really patient and available all of the time.

Franca Fornaciari
Assistant Manager

Hi Alessandro,
I was curious to know the feedback of the participants and I interviewed several people who attended the event.
They were all very happy, and they had really fun, well done !!!
The VIDEO is FANTASTIC! Even Ylenia was really valuable! The right person at the right time I would say!

Giovanna Gianuario
Sales & Congress Assistant

Hello Stefania and Ylenia, I wanted to thank you for your disposability and professionalism. We received compliments from everyone, thank you so much and I hope to catch up to other events.
Thank you again soon!

Anita Beiner
Event Manager

Hello Ylenia, the group enjoyed the weekend a lot, the feedback is very good. Thank you for all your support and inputs. We look forward to work with you again on Rome!

Mariagrazia Vignoli

Hello Stefania,
first of all thanks for the pictures!
About our collaboration, we are satisfied and we are happy withthe location suggested.
The location has responded exactly to our needs and customer and press have appreciated.
Hopefully this is just the beginning of a fruitful collaboration for both!!

Manuela Branco
Marketing Assistant

Hi Lucio,
Both our Team and clients who participated were happy and satisfied with Your organization, beautiful location, friendly and helpful staff, everything worked out perfectly.
All the participants had fun and were thrilled to experience something different than usual. Thank You

Tommaso Anfossi e Francesco Ferrari

Hi Stefania, we would like to thank you for your support and help ;-) You have been really important for us!

Marina Begotti
Assistant Manager

We organised a two-day meeting for 40 people with the help of Smart Eventi, which provided us with all the support with a quality service and beautiful venue. Participants came from all over Italy, and we have included in the agenda a team building activity: a treasure hunting in a castle. During dinner we set up a photo shoot for the guests, so they could take with them a souvenir of the evening at the castle. They all left the venue with a smile and people just arrive into our company had the opportunity to learn more about the new colleagues, starting to tighten them with the collaboration necessary in the workplace.

ShanShan Xia
Public Relation Manager

Dear Ylenia,
My boss and our clients are very pleased with the event.
THANK YOU so much to you and your staff. I hope we will work together again.

Betty Bellentani
Commercial manager

Hello Stefania, I can confirm you that everything worked very well and that satisfaction with the location and your assistance was total. Good luck and see you soon

Marina Begotti
Executive Assistant

The feedback on the event has been entirely positive, the rating was 11/10 for the organization and implementation of the activity. All participants had a great time and they later implemented that experience into the brand's current business strategy. The location was perfect for the activity and it met our requirements. Thanks a lot for everything, it was a wonderful experience! 

Giulia L. Pigozzi
Head of Marketing & Communication

.Hello Lucio,
I would like to thank you for everything. For your organisation and for take care of us at all times. It was a great experience and thanks to you the experience was unique. Can you send the pictures to me, so the team can see them?
Thanks for everything,

Alessandra Bossi
Marketing Coordination R1 North

.... Business to be successful must be variegated and ... colorful!
A very fun time, an Adventure context  set in a venue ... undergrowth :-)!
Playfulness and relationship perfectly mixed.
Very good, Smarteventi!

Monica Cammarano
Finance & Risk | FSI Deloitte Consulting S.r.l.

Hello Stefania,
We wish to confirm that the event held last July 23 at Villa Necchi Campiglio, on behalf of Deloitte Consulting Srl, has been a great event and the satisfaction of our guests has been the best reward! The event's success is also the result of the great quality and a strong organizational skills that you have. So we want to thank you for the professionalism shown and your help during the event, which required a certain commitment and style. You have supported us with great enthusiasm, always on time and offering yourself to help us for everything, such as capture the event with some pictures during the evening absolutely spontaneously.

Mr. Giuliano Ruzza
Manager Bankasa

The "Sardinia 2014" project you managed for Bankasa was spectacular. Your masterful organisation was instrumental in helping the management get the values they wanted to convey to their employees into focus. The scenery was breath-taking and we got to learn about local history and traditions. Our team has emerged from this experience stronger and tighter and we are all looking forward to next year's team-building. We have been working with you for five years now and we feel you really understand our needs and share our goals.

Monica Brocca
Communications Manager

Good morning Paolo, thank you very much for your support yesterday. Evereything ran smoothly and we received lots of compliments, so we can say it was a success!

Veronica Carminati
Pr Account Director

Everything worked perfectly, it was a charming night, Thank you! See you soon !

Simona Zenoni
Marketing Consultant

The thing I care most about, these days post-Convention, is to thank you sincerely for everything, but even more, make you huge compliments. 
Your business can assist the customer in every aspect of business, from the smallest to the most complex, consisting not only simplifies the organization of an event, but the harmony of design ensures a very rare and I think that is the basis of a successful event. 
We could always count on you and on a rare commitment, as if our event was yours! 
Thanks again and see you soon then with the next appointment!

Rossana Migliaccio
International Business Consultant

Dear Lucio, 
For my part, and Mr.Nogarotto, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping to ensure that our event last night was a success! 
Your cooperation during the months of preparation, together with your professionalism and availability to help us in every particular, and was really valuable. 
A special thank you to all the team! To all of them we express our heartfelt thanks! 
Again, thank you!

We appreciated the professionalism with which you organised this birthday party. Giulia, who assisted us, proved to be a trustworthy, polite, capable, kind and caring professional. With such great qualities, we were happy entrust her one of the most important moments in our life: our daughter's 18th birthday party. Congratulations to your whole team!

A heartfelt thanks to the whole organization. It was a great party. In addition to having received so many compliments, the guests and the birthday girl were super happy with the result! 

A sincere thanks for letting Vittoria live the party of her dreams! Thanks also for your professionalism, Giulia, our contact person for the event, and all the collaborators. An exquisite politeness that won us over! We will contact you for other events. With great respect, thank you.

Smart Events, with our contact person Giulia De Benedictis, were a fundamental reference in organizing the party for Lorenzo's 18 years. From the selection of the location, to the support for the choice of catering (really excellent result) and beverage, set-up and music. Nothing was left to chance both in the preparatory phase and during the event. They managed to satisfy Lorenzo's requests, making this evening special and unforgettable. The guys had a great time between selfie moments and dancing! Thank you RC


Bea, thank you very much for everything, for having put up with me in these months, thanks for always being extremely helpful, kind and for organizing the party I have always dreamed of. If someone asks me for information about event organizations, I will surely talk about you.


Giulia thanks for everything! The party was organized in an amazing way! The guests really enjoyed themselves and I received several complements for my party. Kudos again for the professionalism.


"The birthday boy was very happy, compliments for the organization and compliments to the guys of the catering too."

Giulia made an excellent job in the organisation and realisation of my 45th birthday. She was able to recommend me and to support me in every decision starting from the choice of the location which has been really amazing. All the guests were satisfied even of the excellent catering and the music with the deejays.

Roberto and Alessandra

"Hi Giulia, Everything went as we wished thanks to your help. Thank you again for everything you did for us, you've been amazing. Roberto and Alessandra"


Dear Giulia, I wanted to thank you for making Viola's 18th birthday party really unforgettable: everything was perfect, everyone was so kind, really nice and helpful. Yesterday Viola received a lot of compliments from her friends for the perfect night and now she's looking forward to seeing her photos. Thank you again, Leila

Tiziana e Giorgio

Good morning Giulia, we wanted to thank you for the optimal organization and management of our two parties 50 + 18. We are very satisfied of the success of the event. It was also excellent the catering service and the staff was professional, attentive and polite. Still compliments for the proficiency.  

Antonio R.

My dear Giulia good morning!
Still thank to all of you for the magnificent sake of the event.
Everything was perfect and smoothly, if someone will ever ask me who to ask for an event, I will for sure name you agency.
Still a super greeting to you in particular and to all the equipe!  

A phenomenal event, in a spectacular venue!

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