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We specialise in finding the best venues and vendors, to help you craft unique events that will awe and delight your guests
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What to expect from an event agency

The best event planners know that their job is a form of marketing and that, therefore, each event should reflect the client's brand values. For this reason, it is essential for event professionals to have a thorough knowledge of local venues, so as to be able to advise their clients on which ones will fit their brand personality. The same goes for having a large network of connections among vendors, contractors and service providers, to meet each client's unique needs. Smart Eventi can boast extensive local knowledge: we can be your one point of contact for all your event-related needs in Italy.

Corporate gala dinner

“ Our corporate dinner was everything we want in a business event: we received careful and thorough assistance in the venue and catering selection, every detail was researched with the utmost care, resulting in a perfect event. ”

Auxilia Finance

We will boost your brand's storytelling through creative and unusual events

Event planning is an essential part of brand communication because it allows us to work the brand's established identity into a complex activity, allowing the client to have a direct experience of the brand and the company, thus creating a meaningful connection between the company and its customers.

An increasing number of companies is not only interested in inspiring their customers, but also in motivating their team with entertaining or relaxing activities that reflect their company values, or in rewarding their employees for outstanding results. For them, we provide amazing incentive travel packages in awesome destinations both in Italy and abroad.

Kick off meeting for Techedge

Kick off meeting for Techedge

We organised a kick-off meeting in two parts: one took place in Rome and the other in Milan. The venue we selected had a modern, sleek look, in tune with the company's values - and it was large enough to welcome 500 guests. We also booked the evening's entertainment, which was entirely tech-oriented: we had amazing visual effects, robots, confetti cannons, and laser beams.

Jo Malone Christmas Event

Jo Malone Christmas Event

We sat 20 journalists down for lunch around an imperial table. We also booked a whole team of performers, including aerial and acrobatic dancers. The official theme of the event was "Christmas in the Circus" (after the London tradition of taking children to the Circus during the Christmas holidays). Everything was both Christmas- and Circus-themed, from decorations and furnishings to the staff's costumes.

Your one-stop-shop for events and communication

Smart Eventi is a business event agency but also operates as a Marketing agency in Milan. Our team will help you develop the right marketing strategy to promote your brand. We believe in providing a comprehensive service, that sees events as part of a complex strategy, taking into account all of your marketing needs.

We worked with

The following are examples of some of the events we plan and curate.

We took care of the guest entertainment for an event commissioned by Auxilia Finance, organising a seated dinner for over 300 attendees. We selected a prestigious venue and hired some of the best catering companies in Italy. The dinner was followed by a sophisticated DJset.

During Milan's Fuorisalone, we organised two important events. The first one was the Mastella Design exhibition, for which we selected a creative pop-up venue in central Milan and also took care of all the bureaucratic aspects of the planning. For Sohil, we curated the project "Palazzo delle Meraviglie", which took place in one of Milan's most important museum-houses in the city. This installation received special recognition as one of the most relevant of the Milan Design Week in 2019.

During the Design Week, we always organise several events. In 2019, our long-term client Piazza Sempione asked us to find a venue for the launch of their new Woman's Fashion collection for the Design Week in February, and organised a fashion show for Mario Dice for the one in September, for the second year in a row. Over 300 guests attended the event.


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