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Why should you keep organising virtual events and trade shows?

Smart Eventi has learnt a lot from the pandemic experience and today we are one of the leading agencies in virtual event planning in Italy. Our resilience has allowed us to turn our company around by embracing the digital transformation that has taken the event-planning industry by storm. Specialising in virtual events, we have created a platform through which we can deliver virtual trade shows and exhibitions, connecting large numbers of attendees, offering them a truly interactive and immersive experience, which is both innovative and as close to reality as possible.

Revamp your events, live your virtual experience

What do you need to attend a convention, open day, training course or team building? Nothing but a computer and an internet connection. Virtual events are convenient and practical and these are just two of the many advantages they provide. An unlimited number of attendees, lower transfer costs and consequent reduction of co2 emissions, high engagement and satisfaction rates are the guaranteed results of the joint efforts of Smart Eventi and a team of qualified software engineers. Together, we have developed a virtual event platform that stands out from the competition.

An innovative and versatile format, which recreates real live environments in 3D in which users can interact with each other. Environment and character rendering are entirely customisable: host your event on a stylish rooftop, in a theatre, in a showroom. Attendees can join presentations, conventions, and product launches through their virtual alter ego, using a customised avatar, that can move freely within the virtual venue.

Host a virtual event! Choose the right format for your business

A highly flexible, state-of-the-art software that adapts to any type of event. Meetings, seminars, large conferences, press days and virtual trade shows. A format that focuses on 5 fundamental pillars

networking - experience - inclusion - interactivity - gaming
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Virtual hangouts

You will be assisted by a team of qualified experts at your workplace and will be able to access an advanced logistical system designed to meet your every need. Our event managers will help you design events that effectively convey your company's values in a fully virtual, interactive, spectacular and above all customisable way. The goal is to be able to engage your audience in any condition and context, be it in-person or online in a virtual environment.

The added value of a virtual event in times of social distancing

During the pandemic, we discovered the added value of virtual events, which can create a valuable sense of connection for people working from home. Therefore, this a new concept took the exhibition- and event-industry by storm. Their added value consisted in giving communities the opportunity to meet, despite not being able to do it in person, reaching out through a customised avatar and interacting with one another, using real-time video and instant messaging, much like they would do at an in-person event. By making intelligent use of these technologies, we can effectively bring our clients into the future.

Virtual Customer experience and lead generation

Our new virtual event technology is the perfect tool to deliver events with no geographical or time constraints. We can create customised booths, manage reception and invitations, and carry out post-event surveys, always ensuring that your company's messages and content can be effectively conveyed, safely and securely, providing your attendees with a unique virtual experience.

The added value of a virtual event at the time of social distancing
The added value of a virtual event at the time of social distancing

In such uncertain times, for those who work from home, organizing a virtual event will help to offer a precious sense of connection; belonging to a community that has not stopped and continues to meet, if not in person, at least through an avatar created in his image and likeness and able to interact, with videos and chats in real time, with others as if he was actually attending the live event.

Virtual customer experience and lead generation
Virtual customer experience and lead generation

From the creation of customized stands, to the management of accreditations and invitations, up to the post-event surveys, our new technology represents an excellent ally to bridge the distances and overcome the challenge of social distancing, while still guaranteeing the possibility of effectively conveying messages and corporate content in complete safety, making participants enjoy a unique experience.

Our virtual trade show and event format

Our virtual event platform offers all the tools you need to host a complete event: experiential and emotional environments, an interactive calendar, live voting and message options, networking tools for attendees, guided showcase areas, gaming activities, round tables, speed dating corners, multimedia and downloadable content hubs, and data analysis. In short, we have everything you need to enjoy a truly immersive experience.

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