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If you need a marketing agency in Milan and you want your strategy and your promotional campaign to employ state-of-the-art digital techniques, Smart Eventi is the answer you have been looking for.

Our creative agency offers you communication ideas suitable to your necessities, capable to obtain a high long-term rate of return on your investments thanks to the innovative strategies, different than traditional communication campaigns, which we use to support our costumers.

We are an established events and marketing agency, delivering customised campaigns for our clients, maximising their online and offline exposure with outstanding results. The point of marketing is, after all, to create a connection between a product and its intended target audience, and there is no better way of accomplishing this than the skillful employment of all the tools that recent discoveries place at our disposal. We live in times of fast communication and messages delivered quickly and directly, with the potential for being much more incisive than they were in the past and no marketing agency can afford to fall behind. We keep ahead of technological trends and discoveries, in order to provide our clients with the highest possible level of service.

In the Web 3.0 era, where the customer consumes daily contents online (in this way becoming a lead on the market, capable of interacting with the various companies by giving their own opinions on blogs and reviews), the digital communication has become a must-have.

As a matter of fact the company’s main communication instruments became the social networks themselves and the companies websites integrated with an in-depth blog. These digital channels help the company sharing contents with a much broader public if compared to the traditional market system, using this innovative way to bring closer together the client and the brand.

New media have entirely uprooted the old, accepted communication paradigm, which means the pace of innovation is growing increasingly fast.

We cured a lot of important events, but we'd like to remember the one we organized for Dedagroup: it was a meeting dinner, named "Stealth", where we welcomed the hosts with coffee before the meeting and then we staged the room for the placé lunch.

Another import event we organized has been the promotion of Valencia Tourism in Nola (province of Naples) and Carugate (province of Milan), in the respective malls. We took care of staging the expositive stand with the presence of hostess ready to illustrate on the technical equipment rent a 360 grades vision of Valencia. We designed the overall scenography with oranges, desk chair and a local painter.

We cured even a saloons contest of the brand Aveda, designing a runway show for the models and then vote the best hairstyle; all of this was located at the Old Fashion in Milan.

Our mission is to create communication projects which will have specified contents with a high rate of share. These contents will finally lead you to reach a broader number of clients, compared to the traditional methods.

Smart Eventi makes it a priority to evolve constantly, encompassing all the features of an events and promotion agency, constantly aware of how marketing is changing internationally and making use of each new discovery to create new, engaging, interactive project for our clients.

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