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If you need a communication agency in Milan and want your marketing strategy to employ all the latest technologies and the most advanced techniques, Smart Eventi has exactly what you need. Besides being a creative marketing and event agency, we will also manage your digital communication. Technology is endlessly evolving, allowing us to share increasingly complex content in fast, direct and effective ways: we strive to stay ahead of innovation and constantly research the most advanced tools to deliver outstanding brand communication.

Digital PR to the max!

Our creative agency will find the perfect communication solutions for your brand or company, from concept to graphics, from hashtags to sponsored events, delivering high ROI through both online and offline strategies. Our online communication packages include: website creation, industry blogs, web design, SEO, online market analysis and positioning. We will look at customer journey and integrated marketing solutions for your business, including social messaging, target engagement and video marketing.

Press day for the launch of a new app

“ We needed to create the right space to communicate and interact with a large public. Thank you for your excellent service, for your commitment, creativity and professional support! ”


Our tools

We are living through the dawn of a new era. In what is now known ad Web 4.0, users consume digital content daily (taking on an active role in the marketplace and interacting with brands and companies on an equal level, giving feedback in the form of blog posts, reviews, likes, and comments). Digital and social communication are no longer optional, they are vital. We offer digital and social media management services for our clients, managing their social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc), implementing paid ads campaigns (e.g. Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram Ads, etc) and we monitor their webpage and social analytics.

Digital creativity

That's wht we developed a web design department, specialising in innovative multimedia strategies for your online marketing campaigns. We will find the perfect digital tools for your business, taking care of design, content, data analysis and offering solutions that include app development, SEO campaigns, and viral campaigns that will effectively target your preferred audiences.

Pleasantville Vintage Event

Pleasantville Vintage Event

Pleasantville was a 50s-themed event that took place at Parco Nord, in Milan. We managed it entirely, from concept to organisation, including online and offline promotion, poster campaigns, radio ads and sponsor outreach. We received both local and national sponsorships and the event on the whole drew over 25.000 guests.

Festival Internazionale Teatro Romano Volterra

Festival Internazionale Teatro Romano Volterra

We managed the digital and social media marketing for the Teatro Romano International Festival in Volterra, creating and curating online campaigns, adwords campaigns, and paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Your goals: our mission

We are committed to creating highly sharable content, particularly during live events such as press conferences or international business conventions. Such content can reach larger audiences than any traditional campaign. Smart Eventi is a dynamic agency, constantly evolving and incorporating new technologies and strategic tools. Therefore, if you are looking for an advertising agency in Milan, but you also want to make sure your brand storytelling is in tune with the latest trends, you need to look no farther.

Always online!

For years we have been crafting bespoke campaigns, maximising our clients' online visibility with outstanding results. The point of communication, after all, is to create a connection between a product and its target audience, and there is no better way to establish such connection than by researching all the tools that technology and innovation provide us, and then employing the most appropriate to every specific case.

We worked with

Among the many successful events, we organised there was a press day for La Mer, to promote the launch of a new face powder. We organised the whole event with digital marketing in mind and therefore made sure every part of it was highly instagrammable. We curated the decor to the branded catering, so that it would convey the brand's values while looking amazing on Instagram stories and on the live Facebook streaming we set up.-.

Another event we are particularly proud of is the promotional activation we organised for Valencia Tourism in two shopping malls in Nola (near Naples) and Carugate (near Milan). We paid particular attention to client engagement, creating summer-themed stands with a varied choice of entertainment options and immersive videos of city-tours. Our trained hostesses invited guests to try a virtual tour of Valencia. The whole event was shared on the brand's social media accounts.

We also created a complex digital strategy for Sposaidea, a well-known wedding fair. We wanted to generate qualified leads to increase attendance at the actual trade show. We redesigned the event's website completely, adding a contact form and downloadable vouchers for aspiring attendees. We also created banners and posters, as well as online ads, and provided a full report of the whole campaign.

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