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A multitasking agency

Smart Eventi is first and foremost a creative agency, specialising in events and promotional campaigns, but we also work as a PR agency in Milan, focusing on business communication. Over the years, we have implemented a range of professional services, to be able to offer our clients a one-stop-shop solution for all things marketing, managing complex campaigns. Our strongest suit lies in our creativity, which we will apply to both your events and your campaigns.


Store opening for Aveda

“ The event was a resounding success thanks to the amazing venue and set-up and to the excellent performers who attracted the public's attention ”


Analyse to be creative

A successful communication strategy begins with data analysis that evolves into a carefully developed creative idea. This ultimately becomes the message that needs to be delivered to an intended target. This is what Smart Eventi is going to do for you. Part of our added value lies in our specialised creative department, which will turn original concepts into successful campaigns.

What we can do for you

Working in event planning allowed us to hone our creative skills on both business and private customers. Our creative agency services include the production of creative concepts for our corporate clients, as well as the creation of unique formats for events of all sizes, and show-stopping set design that will keep your attendees spellbound.


C&A Flashmob

C&A Flashmob

C&A asked us to organise a group activity to connect to their company strategy, to match the launch of a new company claim, a jingle and a high-impact new campaign. We planned a fun and entertaining activity that would engage employees while enhancing brand visibility. We enrolled the team in a flash-mob close to two C&A stores.

Cocktail party Servif RR Donnelley

Cocktail party Servif RR Donnelley

An impeccable catering with a rich and elegant cocktail buffet, divided into themed sections. We hired a DJ to ensure both an enjoyable musical background and a lively dancefloor. How can we be sure the event was a success? Easy: the venue was stunning, the food was delicious, the entertainers amazing.

Engage your target audience with emotional branding

Last but not least among our marketing services is emotional branding, which consists of creating a personal, emotional connection between a brand and its public. It is our mission to support you in creating a comprehensive communication strategy that will engage your audience on an emotional level. This kind of connection is the key to a long and loyal brand-customer relationship.

Smart Eventi is the agency you have been looking for…

If you are looking for a creative agency in Milan, someone to design complex and effective solutions to integrate into your brand's marketing campaign, call us now. Smart Eventi will deliver the best level of service at a competitive price.

We worked with

Among the events that fall into this category, we are particularly proud of the press day we organised for Tescoma. The first choice we had to make concerned the venue. We chose a highly-customisable suite in central Milan and decorated it with the client's tableware products, laying tables for a family breakfast and setting up a lovely picnic and a barbecue in the garden. The atmosphere was cosy, warm, cheerful and authentic: the perfect setting to appreciate the brand's sleek and approachable design.

For Inglesina - a leading firm in children's accessories - we created a beautiful multi-sensorial set up inspired by the colours and scents of the Amalfi Coast, to launch their new collection of strollers and prams. We chose a prerstigious venue in central Milan. We selected it in particular because it offers some outdoor space, which we decorated with plants and citrus fruit, to recreate the atmosphere and visual impacts of an afternoon on the coast.

For our project with Voyage Privè, we pulled all the stops and got really creative, planning a memorable two-day incentive on a Venetian Galleon, with a pirate crew. As the galleon entered the Venetian lagoon to dock, our guests were enjoying a delicious, fish-based dinner and a Dj-set by a pirate-Dj. On the second day, we moved to river Brenta, for some adrenaline-packed rafting team-building.


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