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Finding the right pr agency in Milan is no easy feat: as a European capital, ahead of trends and developments in communication and marketing, Milan offers a wide range of options and can make it difficult to identify the best one for your own specific needs.
With the term public relations, we encompass all those forms of communication that aim at creating solid relationships between companies and individuals or brands and consumers, but also between firms and institutions and any other relevant subject. Building and strengthening such relationships over time is the main focus of public relations.
It's no use having an excellent product or providing an outstanding service if those who might need it don't know about it. That's why you need effective communication: it forms the basis on which you will acquire leads and ultimately complete sales.

Some of the events we cured the promotional and design aspects are:

- the collaboration with Maybe Agency to organise a promotional event which lasted for one week for the famous brand Frontline, which produces insecticides for our animal friends. We chose a versatile space as a location situated in Corso Como which gives a great visibility and we also organised the catering which offered an aperitif for visitors every day.

- Estée Lauder relied on us for the organisation of a press day for the presentation of the new fragrance Basil & Neroli of Jo Malone brand. The event was at Terrazza 12 that is situated in the real heart of Milan and it offers an amazing view on the Duomo.

Boston Scientific, a US company that deals with the development, production and sale of biomedical devices, has relied on us to organize a meeting on the new frontiers reached by biomedical technologies and a gala dinner. The location chosen was the Palazzo Bocconi, a refined and elegant historical building, where in the patio we organized a cocktail reception and gala dinner in the splendid Bocconi Gallery.

Smart Eventi is the public relations agency in Milan that will help you succeed in the Italian market in new, creative and cost-effective ways. We won't just manage your company's external relationships, but we will connect them to your overall marketing strategy, thus creating a harmonic, consistent and therefore effective message.
If marketing is about storytelling, so are public relations: we will help you tell your brand's story and make sure that the right people listen to it.

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