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Advertising is a vital part of every marketing agency's work. In this context, advertising is intended to mean paid ads on traditional mass media of communication, such as television, printed press, radio and local poster campaigns, and new online media, with a special focus on social media. We have plenty of evidence that these message have the potential of influencing consumers' habits and they are therefore essential in increasing the sales of products and services.
Advertising, of course, is not a standalone practice, but it needs to be planned within the context of a comprehensive marketing mix, which is commonly articulated around 4 points, known among marketing professionals as "the 4 Ps":

Place (positioning)

Smart Eventi is a Milan-based marketing agency that will help you find creative and innovative solutions to market your brand in Italy.
Planning a marketing strategy and creating an effective campaign involves a series of steps, including advising the client on how best to invest their advertisement budget, channelling the right messages at the appropriate times on the most fitting media outlets, in order to maximise the brand's chances of reaching its intended target audience.

One of the most important events we organized is the festival Pleasantville: we cured the overall design and stagign. It was located in Parco Nord, province of Milan. This festival of '50 theme lasted two days (2/3 September) and we cured the format design, the online and offline event's promotion on the territory, the corner food and pic nic design and placement, the swing dance camp and vintage market, the sponsor research and the staging of the '50 village. But are the numbers that will impress you, by involving local and national sponsors 25.000 people came to the festival.

Our customer Lush relied on us to organise the third and last stop of the international tour of Lush UK- Gorilla Perfume Volume IV Gallery - a perfumed exhibition thought to show the audience the history of the last collections of Gorilla perfume line.
Maximising visibility in a cost-effective way is our mission.

Smart Eventi is an advertising agency in Milan, which revolutionizes the advertising world and the idea of promotion with innovative and never common techniques, because as you know: times changes and you must be able to play along with it. Actually we’re taking care of online and offline promotions of many companies at a national and international level.


If you are looking for a marketing agency in Milan, but you want to make sure that your campaign takes into account the latest international marketing trends, you should be planning your next campaign with Smart Eventi.

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