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As a top advertising agency, we have to provide our clients with facts and figures. We deal with all kinds of paid promotions on both analog and digital media, from tv and press ads to radio and poster campaigns, from websites to social networks and search engines. This kind of message, particularly where social media are concerned, can influence audiences and measurably impact the sales of products and services, helping your brand gain market

Porsche Temporary Showroom

“ We needed to find an elegant and practical space in a high-traffic and easy-to-reach area of Milan. ”


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Smart Eventi is a Milan-based creative agency. We will find unique and innovative solutions for your brand to gain traction on your preferred market. Our highly experienced team will offer you professional support and commitment, with a proactive approach. We will help you plan a marketing strategy and craft individual campaigns and advise you on how to invest your advertising budget, conveying the most effective messages on the right channels, thus optimising your communication efforts and maximising your impact on your target audiences both online and offline.

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" premiere

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" premiere

We organised the Italian premiere of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", with its glamorous red carpet packed with celebrities. We coordinated every aspect of the event and also commissioned branded forex installations to enhance the red carpet's photo-ops. The whole event was live-streamed both on television and social media.

Maxi Zoo Guerrilla Marketing

Maxi Zoo Guerrilla Marketing

Out guerrilla marketing campaigne for MaxiZoo, combined with instore promotion, caused the revenue of the stores to increase four times during the event weekend. This result was achieved for stores that were located in remote areas of the city, far from the main traffic arteries and shopping districts.

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Smart Eventi has a revolutionary approach to advertising and promotion and always strives to innovate both in its strategies and its techniques. As an advertising agency in Milan, we live in a hub of innovation in the fields of communication and marketing, and we know that times are changing and we need to be ahead of them. We currently work with a number of Italian and international clients, managing their online and offline campaigns. Check out our portfolio for further details.

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Pleasantville was one of the most important and interesting events we worked on, and one of the few instances of our agency working on every aspect of the event, from production to promotion. This two-day, 50s-themed festival was our own format, so we wanted to take care of its online and offline promotion directly, including sponsor outreach. We eventually obtained several sponsorships by local and national and drew a crowd of over 25000 people. We promoted the event with a poster campaign covering Milan and several nearby towns, a radio adverts campaign and a print campaign focusing on local magazines and free-press newspaper. Both days of the event were a resounding success.

We curated the launch of the Milan edition of Wher, an app designed to increase safety for women travelling on their own on both long and short distances. We supervised the flyer design, the design of backdrops and decor elements for the event, the choice of venue, the branded catering and the press office of the entire event. The media response was excellent and the guests were both entertained by the initiative and extremely interested in the themes being discussed.

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