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The secret to successful phygital event planning

New communication and event planning techniques have emerged internationally. Digital event organisation and technological advances have helped companies integrate phygital events strategically into their activities, taking advantage of the hyper-connectivity that is so prevalent in today's world.

Hybrid events base their effectiveness on immediacy, immersivity and interaction, allowing remotely connected users to enjoy the same experience as those attending the event in person, bridging distances while still guaranteeing the possibility of effectively conveying important messages for their business.

We selected and customised different platforms for digital and virtual events, which address the need to create new and alternative spaces to meet, to impress the audience, to engage attendees, centering the whole experience around them. The current challenge in the event industry is to tell new stories, while preserving the human contact that comes with in-person events: our digital and virtual events aim to meet this need.

Be ahead of the game. Think hybrid

It's time to explore this industry's full potential. The new phygital event format is the result of combining different skills and integrating state-of-the-art professional software, thus ensuring:

a potentially unlimited number of participants - greater audience engagement and interaction - accessibility - environmental and labour sustainability - lead generation
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Digital venues

Smart Eventi's digital events department consists of a team of highly experienced event managers and a team of software engineers. These two teams pooled their professional skillsto create a rich and varied portfolio of solutions for phygital, hybrid or digital events, combining the physical world with virtual reality and transcending traditional physical venue boundaries. In this way they successfully delivered events for a potentially unlimited number of participants.

Technological solutions for all kinds of events

We do not have a single platform, but rather we select the technology best suited to the client's budget, needs and goals. For a basic meeting, a simple, stable and fast platform that keeps costs down may be enough. On the other hand, if you want to present a new product line, you will need a more immersive and exciting solution that combines video, a chat room and the option to experience the product. 

With the support of our digital event technologies we eliminate architectural barriers and the limitations of form and space that naturally come with traditional event venues, focusing on content and connection speed instead. Phygital events are therefore emerging as the new frontier and setting new quality standards in the event industry.

Incorporate phygital events organisation into your marketing strategy

With the organization of digital events, there is no need for permits for public land occupation or for location usability, no need to transport and assemble set-ups thus saving on the cost of catering and transportation. We use advanced technology to deliver a range of digital event formats and activities, ensuring top-quality service. Our digital events are supported by high-speed internet connection, to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted experience to your attendees, as well as providing in-depth post-event data analysis and lead generation tools.

Engage your audience

What do we usually expect from an event? First and foremost, an engaging experience for all attendees. At our digital events, the audience are no mere passive spectators, but can actively participate and engage with each other, get to know the other attendees and speakers, learn, and network thanks to our interactive video and chat interfaces. In our format there is room for lectures, videos, presentations, and there is the possibility to invite live guests to increase the event's appeal.

Not to mention the importance of social media as a promotion and engagement tool for your target audience. Specializing in using social channels to increase your company's visibility, with the right social media marketing strategy and content mix, social is the resource that can increase the engagement potential of your digital event.

Your solution for online events
Your solution for online events

With the organization of digital events, permits are not required for the occupation of public land or for the location's usability, there is no need to transport and assemble fittings, thus saving on the cost of catering and transportation. With our corporate solutions for digital events we ensure adequate and professional availability in terms of bandwidth to ensure a positive experience, avoiding annoying interruptions to all participants, also offering an excellent data analysis and lead generation tool.

The audience is not a passive spectator
The audience is not a passive spectator

What do we expect from a real event? A moment in which the guest will enjoy the experience at 360 degrees. During our digital events the audience will not be a passive spectator, thanks to the video and interactive chat interfaces it is possible not only to participate but also to compare, discover, explain and network and all of this can be done safely from home or from your office. In short, a real format that offers space for speeches, videos, slides where you can also give voice to prestigious guests to make your event more exciting and worth attending.

What our digital event format entails

Our digital events allow speakers to broadcast live from their home, office or other venues equipped as video recording studios. We will deliver a digital experience based on the event's requirements, and on the client’s goals and target audience, with the possibility of using a multilingual interace, thus ensuring high-quality interactio for international audiences. We can optimise matchmaking and improve the overall quality of the speaker-attendee interaction before, during and after the event.

Our event managers will support your digital events with live streaming to and from anywhere in the world, a customised registration process, collating content and speaker files, building a calendar, planning gaming activities and collective engagement, and untimately creating virtual venues for attendees to meet. Our events support unlimited connections, in full hd quality, from both desktop and mobile devices.

Optimise your resources and multiply your chances of success by combining virtual and in-person event features!

Optimise your resources and multiply your chances of success by combining virtual and in-person event features.

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