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We will review your insights, plan effective and creative integrated marketing strategies, and develop tailor-made promotional campaigns for brands and companies.

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Smart Eventi: the marketing agency that drives your company into the future

Smart Eventi is a cutting-edge communication and marketing agency that puts a team of experts at your disposal to create a tailor-made campaign with ambitious goals. Explore our integrated service offer:

  • cross-media communication strategies: we combine traditional (ATL/BTL) and digital tools (social media, influencers, multimedia campaigns) to tell your brand story in an engaging way. We organise original contests, promotional point-of-sale tours and drive-to-store campaigns (retail activation), and other creative actions customised to capture your target audience’s attention;
  • complete management of your campaigns: from brand naming and logo design to video production and eye-catching packaging, we will take care of every aspect of your communication to ensure outstanding results and finalise a coordinated image that enhances your brand identity;
  • organisation of live and virtual events: we will select the most amazing venues for your events and the most effective platforms for virtual projects, creating engaging set-ups and content to turn into unforgettable experiences that resonate deeply with your audience.

Your company's success is our end goal

When you work with Smart Eventi, you can rest assured that your business is our top priority. To ensure you get the highest return on investment, we will deploy tailor-made strategic solutions:

  • integrated planning of online and offline campaigns to reach and retain your audience;
  • full support throughout the entire project as your single point of contact, to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience;
  • distinctive communication to increase the visibility, attractiveness and reputation of your brand.

Take the opportunity to grow with Smart Eventi, Italy's leading communications and marketing agency, for customised solutions and consultancy dedicated to your company's success. Rely on our expertise to give value to your brand and reach new goals. Contact us now to find out how we can actively contribute to the growth of your business! Your chance to stand out on the market is now: don't miss it!


A spectacular, 50s-themed festival, with local and national sponsors, drawing over 25.000 visitors over two days.

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Communication and marketing strategies that will make your brand stand out

Let us turn your brand into an memorable experience for your clients, a meaningful journey that will resonate with your target audience! How will we achieve this? By doing the following:

  • designing innovative communication strategies, customised to reflect the uniqueness of your brand;
  • developing cutting-edge ATL and BTL campaigns, using multimedia platforms to maximise your brand’s visibility;
  • implementing highly-creative guerrilla marketing campaigns that never fail to leave a lasting impression;
  • designing bespoke online and offline marketing activities to create memorable moments for your clients, encouraging positive review and customer retention.

We aim to highlight your company's strengths, making them visible and appealing in an increasingly competitive market. We offer a complete service, encompassing everything from strategy development to implementation, keeping our approach innovative and fresh, thus allowing you to stand out from the competition. We will engage your target audience in unique ways, offering unusual and engaging content that draws attention and generates engagement. Our expertise is at your service to help you redefine your brand experience and customer journey, with a creative and strategic approach. Your story deserves to be told, and we know how to make it shine. Are you ready to make your mark? Contact us now and embark on the thrilling journey to your brand success.

Pop Up Store for Promos
Pop Up Store for Promos

We created a pop-up shop for Promos Italia, as part of a territorial marketing campaign for the Abruzzo region. We were tasked with promoting both the territory and its food and wine specialities. We set up themed areas within the pop-up store to showcase local products and producers in an elegant and eco-friendly manner.

Street Marketing Aveda
Street Marketing Aveda

We organised a drive-to-store campaign with dancers and gymnasts in one of Milan's most fashionable streets, which tripled the client's turnover in one day. Besides the performers, the street-marketing campaign included beautiful hostesses who distributed 'promo flowers' to passers-by.

Unleash the Power of Guru Marketing's Cutting-Edge Unit for Unmatched Drive-to-Store Campaigns

Boosting your brand requires marketing strategies that get straight to the point. Here is what our Guru Marketing Unit can do to transform your business:

  • in-store shopper through interactive experiences - Lead generation to increase sales with targeted techniques;
  • personalised customer loyalty programmes;
  • foot-Traffic generation techniques to attract new customers to your brick-and-mortar business;
  • emotional branding and digital events to create a strong community around your brand;
  • amazing guerrilla marketing activities that will generate long-lasting buzz.

Our experts at Guru Marketing will develop innovative and customised advertising campaigns for you that reflect your corporate identity. Our a flexible and dynamic approach is designed to adapt to your specific needs. Through effective and engaging promotional activities, we will stimulate your audience's interest and participation, maximising ROI through massive productions at competitive rates.

We Also Offer Complete PR Services!

As a public relations and marketing agency, we specialise in strategic communication campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Our goal is to strengthen your brand image while keeping costs under control and exceeding expectations. With Smart Events, you get integrated PR and marketing plans tailored to your specific goals and vision. We develop innovative solutions to revolutionise your brand identity.

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PR? Leave it to us!

Need a public relations and marketing agency? Rely on Smart Eventi and rely on a partner that goes above and beyond: we will elevate your brand’s voice and presence. Here's what we offer:

  • unforgettable engagement with your target audience through events and campaigns that leave a lasting impression;
  • effective, targeted messaging to guarantee you an ROI that exceeds traditional marketing techniques;
  • strengthening your market presence without stressing your budget.

Don't wait any longer. Choose Smart Eventi and unlock your brand’s full potential! Let’s turn your communication strategy into a transformative adventure.

Companies that have trusted us with their marketing campaigns

As a marketing agency in Milan, we have overseen the organisation of a number of promotional and qualified lead generation events. For instance, we planned a trade show and promotional event called 'Suppliers Day' for our client CBRE. On that occasion, we designed an exhibition area and a networking area for the 300 expected participants. The event's special guest was an Olympic rowing champion, an example of dedication and teamwork and an excellent testimonial for the whole event.                                             

For Decathlon, we organised a press day to promote the sports brand's products and generate engagement. We invited industry journalists and bloggers and offered them dedicated sports areas, where they could try out machines and sports equipment. At the end of the event, each press representative received a customised brand gift for daily use.

Finally, we designed a guerrilla marketing campaign combined with an in-store promotion for MaxiZoo. Our promotion meant that the MaxiZoo shops involved, despite being located in industrial and sparsely populated areas, quadrupled their average turnover on the opening weekend overseen by us. Our special guests were showgirl Giorgia Palmas and her beloved puppy Polpetta.


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