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Looking for a marketing agency in Milan? Look no further: Smart Eventi's team of skilled professionals will devise the perfect multichannel marketing strategy, specifically designed to meet your brand's needs.
We will help you communicate your brand and tell its story by designing custom-made marketing campaigns and devising ways of engaging your audience with contests, on-the-road promotional tours and other creative projects. Every part of the strategy will be specifically planned to respond to your unique needs and goals.

Smart Eventi will take care of every part of the strategy, from planning to completion, from location scouting and content creation to transportation and media planning. We will be your one point of contact, allowing you to manage the whole of your campaign in a simple, straightforward and effective manner.
We will plan online and offline activities, designed to engage your target audience, in accordance with your brief, in ways that are always original and surprising. And the best news is that you don't need a disproportionately large budget in order to connect with your audience. We will employ advanced guerrilla marketing tactics, in order to drive the message home in innovative, exciting and cost-effective ways.

We aim to discover, picture and comunicate your agency’s strong points in a simple, clear and incisive way, so that we can redefine the customers’ experience of your brand. This happens both Instore and Outstore.

Indeed within the store we take care of the shopper engagement and the lead generation, in order to increase sales and customers’ loyaty to the brand. Meanwhile in the outstore we cure the traffic generation, the emotional branding and the guerrilla marketing activity in order to amaze and intrigue new potential clients.

Follow the “Marketing Happy Hour” section on LinkedIn. Each Thursday our Marketing Manager Lucio Rado explores a different aspect of the promotional techniques.

Smart Eventi as a marketing agency in Milan, has organized many events of noteworthy importance. For this reason, thanks to our professional, creative and efficient way of designing, organizing and staging the events, the clients become loyal tou our agency, by calling us again for their different necessities.

As a matter of fact it happened a lot that who called us for organizaning, as an example, a meeting or a press day, later has called us again asking us to organize a different event like a team building.

Amongst all the events we cured, we’d like to remember:

- Pleasantville: a 50's party that has gathered local and national sponsors recording 25.000 attendances in two days.
- Aveda: with which we had tripled in just one day the client’s revenues thanks to our Instore campaign.
- MaxiZoo: our guerrilla marketing campaign combined to an Instore promotion made the MaxiZoo stores involved, despite that were situated in industrial areas not much populated, register medium revenues quadruple in the launch weekend we cured.

With our public relations agency we aim to capture your target’s attention with surprising messages, which must remain impressed and that produce a Roi superior to the one of the traditional techniques. Out goal is to help you build and reinforce the image of your brand, not exceeding your badget.

If you are looking for a young and dynamic agency to help you market your brand successfully in Italy, look no further: Smart Eventi is the answer.

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