February - march 2024

Territorial marketing success: how to win over the right audience when opening a new store

OOH marketing, poster campaign, street marketing, press outreach, guerrilla marketing, influencer marketing, online marketing.

The client request

Inauguration of Sportler's first Lombard megastore

Sportler, a South Tyrol-based brand with 28 stores, opened a new 4,000-square-meter megastore in Carugate on March 15 - its first store in Lombardy. Guru Marketing planned the promotional activities for this much anticipated inauguration. The store features four floors’ worth of sporting equipment, catering to winter sports aficionados, cyclists and runners. We were tasked with planning an event to mark the expansion of this Trentino-South Tyrol brand in northern Italy.

The Smart Eventi proposal

A strategic mix of communication tools carefully localized

The advertising campaign we devised won over the client - and subsequently captured the public's attention - through a strategic mix of carefully localised communication tools: from traditional advertising in public spaces to targeted billboards in Milan’s underground stations, as well as innovative street marketing actions and highly targeted media relations work, including the involvement of selected influencers and online activities on key platforms. This integrated approach, based on a deep knowledge of the territory and its dynamics, allowed for the optimisation of the advertising message, focusing on the most effective channels to reach the target audience with precision. The client recognised our detail-oriented strategy and our ability to enhance each touchpoint, which contributed to the success of the campaign, making it a case study in territorial marketing.

Achived results

An impactful advertising campaign

We executed an impactful advertising campaign, that covered the territory and reached the public extensively, remaining on air for a significant period of time. The client, thrilled with the result, gave us an interview, extolling the success achieved. Our collaboration with this client is ongoing and we are ensuring the continued success of the campaign, through follow-up activities with the press, confirming how the event achieved the wide resonance hoped for.

Viktoria Weger
Teamlead Retail Marketing of Sportler AG

Our experience with Guru Marketing in organizing this promotional campaign was extraordinary. We appreciated not only your professionalism and creativity, but also your ability to push us beyond traditional marketing boundaries. Guru Marketing guided us in activating new and innovative channels, including the inclusion of micro influencers who participated in the private opening, helping to create an authentic and resonant engagement with our target audience. Their strategic planning and precise execution led to tangible results and extremely positive feedback from our clients and community. We are grateful for the partnership with Guru Marketing and look forward to collaborating again in the future to continue promoting our brand and mission with creativity and impact.


OOH marketing, poster campaign, street marketing, press outreach, guerrilla marketing, influencer marketing, online marketing.


Promoting the opening of Sportler's first store in Lombardy

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