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We organize your sustainable and carbon neutral event, by calculating emissions and reducing environmental impact to enable sustainable development for your business.

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An exciting, engaging, and more sustainable corporate event?

Smart Eventi is to help you in this quest!

We understand that sustainability can be a great opportunity for your business.

That's why we choose to offer you a 360° service with a team of professionals by your side capable of planning your sustainable event, ensuring that it has a high emotional impact as well as a low environmental impact.

Sustainable events are designed to minimize impact on the environment, community, and the people involved. This involves the choices made before, during, and after the event organization, which is why it is essential to rely on experts capable of carefully evaluating all options to craft and propose the best one in line with your business objectives.


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How do we integrate sustainability into event organization?

We can guide you through the choice of the suppliers helping you pick the perfect and sustainable location, the best environmentally friendly catering, and the most engaging entertainment, selecting partners capable of ensuring sustainable environmental and social impact.

During and after the event, thanks to our partnership with GECO, a startup specializing in strategic and sustainable consulting for companies, we can calculate and offset the CO2 emissions generated by your event. Additionally, we can assist you in obtaining the ISO 20121 certification for sustainable events, as our agency is in the process of obtaining the same certification with accreditation from Accredia.


Let's organize your sustainable event


Smart Eventi and GECO are ready to guide you towards your next sustainable event!

How we work to introduce sustainability into events:

1. Sustainable event planning strategy: We analyze the event through the life cycle approach, examining all stages to understand how and when to intervene to reduce environmental and social impact.
2. Resource management and supplier selection: We can select from a wide range of suppliers chosen not only based on performance criteria but also on environmental and social focus and effort.
3. Event organization: Events are managed transparently from the beginning, as with Smart Eventi, you have a single point of contact representing the team always available to evaluate every decision in the planning process.
4. Impact assessment: Do you want to make your event sustainable and carbon neutral? Smart Eventi, in partnership with GECO, can of calculate and reduce CO2 emissions generated by your event with certified international projects with high environmental and social impact.

Nature and Discovery: an impactful and emotional team building

Hi Alessandro, I was very curious to know the feedback from the participants, so I interviewed several people who took part in the team building. They were all very happy and had a great time, everything was excellent, well done!!!

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We assess and offset the emissions of your sustainable event.

To us, the success and reputation of your company are the most important goals. That's why we aim to maximize the sustainable potential of your business.

Thanks to our partnership with GECO, we are also able to provide you with a service to calculate and offset the CO2 emissions produced by your event, a strategic choice to enhance your brand image while contributing to the well-being of the planet.


Here's our four words capable of leading you to sustainable success!

Calculate: We calculate the emissions produced by your event using a platform compliant with international GHG Protocol standards;

Plan: We define an effective strategy to reduce the impact of your event starting from its planning;

Offset: We propose internationally certified projects with high social and environmental impact to offset the event's emissions;

Engage: We directly involve event participants through sustainable communication of your carbon-neutral event.


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Strategic consultancy to certify your sustainable event

Smart Eventi and GECO also support you in your commitment to obtaining ISO 20121 certification through accredited third-party organizations. We are with you every step of the way, from training to auditing.

Sustainability is a complex process, but with us, your journey will be simplified into four phases.

A team of experts will guide you to achieve the best results, from internal staff training to event management itself, up to certification.

Rely on our experience to obtain your certification, as we will be able to:

1. Identify the best strategy to manage the event planning effectively;

2. Handle internal staff training, assessment, and intervention identification: choice of location, suppliers, and event organization;

3. Measure environmental impact through calculation and offsetting of the generated carbon footprint;

4. Support you in gathering documentation for audit and validation by a third-party entity for certification.

This way, your sustainable event will be a process followed and documented in all its parts, and your commitment will be recognized in a more practical and faster way.

Urban redevelopment to "clean up the world" as a team
Urban redevelopment to "clean up the world" as a team

Heineken Italia relied on the expertise of Smart Eventi to organize not just a corporate event but a socially impactful event, aimed at fostering cohesion within the team and making a significant ecological impact. The choice fell on an engaging and highly rewarding activity: cleaning up Parco Trotter with Legambiente, to collectively leave behind a cleaner world.

Creative and ecological team building
Creative and ecological team building

Designing and implementing a completely eco-friendly team-building activity may seem challenging, but thanks to Smart Eventi, sustainability becomes an integral part of team cohesion. Creatively transforming recycled plastic waste into new and original objects is the ideal solution that merges teamwork with conscious sustainability.

Three compelling reasons to host your sustainable corporate event

With Smart Eventi and GECO, you don't need to search multiple places for the necessary expertise; we can provide you with a comprehensive service without additional intermediary steps.

You can rely on a team of experts ready to create value for your brand by helping it achieve new milestones, actively contributing to its growth.

Here are our three core values:

1. Speed: We guarantee a quick response to all your doubts, whether related to the event or sustainability in general. We are with you throughout the process, and your success is our success.
2. Professionalism: We are a team of professionals who have been operating in the events and communication sector for years. We love challenges and know how to tackle them to ensure an unforgettable, engaging, and exciting event.
3. Sustainability: We want to make sustainability an integral part of your event in a simple, practical way, that is also capable of generating a significant emotional and brand value impact. Sustainability, for us, is an additional opportunity to contribute to your growth!

Smart Eventi is ready, are you?

Locations surrounded by greenery or nestled in urban jungles, sustainable and social team-building activities, calculation and offsetting of the impact generated by your event, and suppliers mindful of sustainability in every aspect—all within one agency, ours. Make your event special and unforgettable for the planet too; choose Smart Eventi.

Are you looking for an agency capable of making your Net Zero event memorable and sustainable? We are just a form away from you! 

Brands and companies that have chosen Smart Eventi agency.

Among the many successful events, we remember the one for the Recordati company, for which we organized a social team-building activity. As sustainability is not only environmental, we wanted to create an activity that would have a positive impact on the community. Thus, the charity building format was born, which adds to the already successful recycle building format. Charity building is an extremely exciting moment, capable of creating a genuine team bond and an engaging atmosphere. Through challenges and quizzes, the teams were able to collect all the components to assemble functional wheelchairs. The wheelchairs were then donated to a local hospital.

We also managed the graphic design, production, setup, and teardown for Unapol, Unione Nazionale Associazione Produttori Olivicoli, at the Tuttofood fair in 2021. The goal was to highlight the company's values: organic culture, certified supply chain, and care for the territories and production. Thanks to the excellent results achieved, it was possible to establish a trusting relationship with the client, which is still confirmed today and is constantly renewed with a sustainable perspective thanks to the logic of adaptability and modularity of the spaces, allowing the use of the booth in different occasions and fairs, thus effectively reducing waste.

For us, innovation and sustainability must go hand in hand. That's why Smart Eventi has also committed to virtual fairs, a new mode of consumption. A successful example was GECO EXPO, the Italian virtual fair on sustainability. Four days of events dedicated to sustainable development featuring booths, talks, and interventions all experienced in a virtual, interactive, and highly immersive environment. The purpose? To bring together all parties interested in creating a sustainable future, fostering dialogue between companies and institutions, innovators and investors, young startups, and representatives from sectors such as sustainable mobility and tourism, eco-food, mobility, and renewable energy.

Are you looking for an agency that can make your event memorable and sustainable? We are one form away from you!

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