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The event revolution of the digital age

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digitisation of the events industry. At Smart Eventi, we pulled together and managed to adapt perfectly to that emergency situation and today we are a leader in the planning and hosting of virtual and digital events.

Our response to the pandemic was not only reactive but also proactive, anticipating the needs of a rapidly evolving market: we invested in cutting-edge technology and specialised training for our team, thus guaranteeing an impeccable service that meets the expectations of even the most demanding clients. Our experience has therefore equipped us with useful tools for the future development of our activities. Our digital, virtual and hybrid events platform was designed to be intuitive and easily accessible, removing all technological barriers and allowing participants of all ages and digital skills to join events with ease: attending an open day, a trade show, a team building or a training course is now one click away, wherever your audience might be.

TopLegal Awards

The TopLegal Awards is one of the most important events in Italy in the Legal sector. We took care of the project management by transforming the physical event into a digital event, which led us to propose a more interactive and fun format than its historical institutionality.

Top Legal
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Immersive and innovative virtual events

Our virtual event platform, developed by a team of qualified software engineers, offers many advantages:

  • it can welcome an unlimited number of attendees, without the capacity limitations of a physical venu;
  •  reduces CO2 emission;
  •  guarantees high engagement and satisfaction.

Our innovative and customisable format recreates live 3D environments, immersing users in a unique virtual ambience, enhanced by detailed graphics and interactive features that match the level of an in-person event experience. Attendees can navigate virtual booths, interact with speakers through real-time Q&As, and connect with other participants through virtual networking, speed meetings and match-making services. Our platform is also equipped with powerful analytic tools that allow organisers to track engagement and optimise future events based on hard data.

Aveda digital event
Aveda digital event

Aveda's digital event was organized in a dynamic and harmonious virtual space that allowed interaction between people from all over the world, integrating panels and streaming video

One Team phygital event
One Team phygital event

For One Team, we organized a phygital event by setting up a direction and set in virtual reality that allowed participants immersive and personal involvement, even from home.

The future of events: enter phygital formats

An increasing number of companies is experimenting with new methods of communication and event planning, thanks to evolving technologies and increasing hyper-connectivity. Phygital events, which combine digital and in-person elements, are among the most transformative innovations of recent years. They offer direct, immediate communication, an immersive experience, and engaging interaction with the audience, while providing post-event analytics for a deeper understanding of the user journey.

The concept of the phygital events is based on the idea that the physical and digital experience can not only co-exist but enhance each other. This hybrid approach makes it possible to reach a wider audience, overcoming geographical and temporal limitations. Smart Eventi's phygital events are designed to be flexible and adaptable to different formats, be it product launches, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, or any other type of gathering.

Rethink your corporate events

Event planning is evolving rapidly and technology is the driving force behind it. Our team of experienced software engineers and event managers has developed innovative solutions for digital, virtual and phygital or hybrid events. We have transcended the traditional limitations of the physical venue, combining real-world experiences with virtual reality, to create 'venues' of virtually unlimited capacity that can be literally shaped to meet your needs. We offer customised platforms and immersive experiences that combine different features, always striving for seamless interaction and immersive experiences.

We envision a future where distance and space are no longer obstacles to sharing ideas and professional growth. For this reason, we make sure our platforms are updated constantly and our team always stays ahead of the latest industry trends. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and offer bespoke solutions that exceed their expectations. Whether you are planning a corporate meeting, a training course, or an entertainment-packed presentation, Smart Eventi is the ideal partner to design unforgettable experiences for your audience.


Smart Eventi: the future of events is now.

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