15th December 2023

Bringing sustainability to the office through team building!

Team building planning

The client request

A green team building activity

A green challenge to grow and learn: the client wanted to actively involve all employees in a team building activity focused on environmental sustainability. This strategic choice reflected the sustainability commitment and vision that the company, a leader in the air conditioning and heating industry, was vigorously pursuing.

The Smart Eventi proposal

A perfect recycle building

The team building activity we chose is our classic "recycle building”, whose main goal is to give new life to plastic. Employees created useful office items by recycling plastic panels into useful items. It was an engaging experience that united the team around a concrete goal: to reduce waste by turning waste materials into valuable resources. The winning project was an original container for the cafeteria area, perfect for storing coffee pods. All the objects made were taken to the office where they are still being used to their satisfaction, testifying to the team's commitment to sustainability. Before the main event, we organised an introductory session and coffee break to introduce the initiative and encourage socialisation. It was the best way to unite and energise the team, combining environmental sustainability and business goals.

Achived results

Sharing experience and respect for the environment

A sharing experience that united everyone, by actively involving every single human resource, we significantly strengthened team spirit, collaboration and a sense of belonging. It was all carried out under the banner of fun and respect for the environment.


Team building planning


Designing a team building activity to reinforce the company's commitment to environmental sustainability

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