21st July 2022

Paint company: unleash your inner artist!

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The customer request

Promoting a sense of corporate ownership with team building

IMCD Italy reached out to us to curate an invigorating array of team building activities for their various departments. For the administrative and financial team, in particular, they expressed a strong desire to foster a profound sense of teamwork. They sought an engaging and energising activity that would ignite the spirit of collaboration, emphasising the remarkable synergy that emerges when individuals with unique skills and expertise unite as one formidable team, driven by a collective purpose. Our mission was to deliver an unforgettable experience that would leave participants inspired, motivated, and united in their shared commitment to excellence.

The Smart Eventi Proposal

Creative team building under the banner of collaboration

The 'Paint Company' team building activity proved to be an exceptional choice for our client, delivering an exhilarating experience that celebrated the power of teamwork. Each team embarked on their individual canvas, where they meticulously shaped a portion of the grand masterpiece, drawing inspiration from our vibrant marketplace filled with an array of colors, fabrics, and materials. The activity expertly fostered collaboration, as teams worked harmoniously, passionately pouring their creativity onto the canvases. As the event reached its culmination, the individual artworks seamlessly merged to form a magnificent, unified masterpiece, symbolizing the profound value that can only be grasped when viewed as a cohesive whole. The message resounded loud and clear: remarkable results can be achieved when individuals unite their strengths and talents, creating a harmonious symphony of collective effort. The 'Paint Company' activity left participants invigorated and inspired, reinforcing the profound impact of teamwork in achieving greatness.

Achieved results

Achieving a sense of togetherness and cohesion as required by the client

The goals we achieved for the assigned job were truly remarkable. By joining all the individual canvases together, a magnificent final artwork emerged. We selected a painting aptly titled "The Alchemist's Workshop." This captivating painting vividly depicted an ancient workshop, where every worker seamlessly performed their specific tasks, beautifully exemplifying the harmony and coordination achieved through each action. The culmination of this project showcased the extraordinary power of collaboration and highlighted the significance of every individual's contribution in creating a unified masterpiece.

Finance & Operations Director

I would like to thank the Smart Event team for a pleasant and successful paint-focused team building, and confirm that the people who took part in the event were all delighted and satisfied. We enjoyed the beautiful storytelling around ancient alchemy and its evolution into the present day by the very talented Nicoletta, as well as the venue scouting, event and lunch planning, and the willingness to work on intersectionality within individual groups. I saw our team members tune into the perfect team spirit without losing sight of the big picture and each contributing with their creative effort to the final result. You passed with flying colours!


team building organisation


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