25th May 2018

Gattinoni International Games

Team Building International Games

Gattinoni asked us to organize a team building activity of the type "international games" in Varese, not in a simple sports field, but in a proper ancient mansion!

We divided all the partecipants in different teams and subjected them in many tests. One of our first games was the human snake, which made everyone bandage, and the last one, who was the only able to see, had to direct the others with physical gestures in order to find as many items as possible, obviously it was forbidden to speak or suggest!

Going on we organized the traditional relay race, in order to improve the efficiency and coordination of the team, and The Tube game. Indeed this last one had the mission to making flow the maximum quantity possible of water from a bucket to the other, by just using the materials they had at their disposition; it's a really useful game which teaches them to use the resources available in order to achieve a goal.

One of the games mostly enjoyed was the pool game; we filled the mansion's pool with orange balls and the people had to catch many as possible without touching the water.

Obviously during the day there have been many more games, like the cruciverbone, acid river, spinning bike and canalina.

Our team building activity for Gattinoni has not been exclusively playful, but most of all had the mission to transmit principles and values in order to improve the team spirit, thanks to the competition with the other teams.


Team Building International Games


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