Inaugural gala dinner for the Formula 1 2017 Italian Grand Prix

Aci e S.I.A.S. Autodromo

Aci together with the Monza's Racetrack wanted to organise an inaugural gala dinner for the Formula 1 2017 Italian Grand Prix at the Magic Monza Circuit and it was realised by Smart Eventi at one of the most famous museums of Milan.

Firstly the foreigner guests had the honour of admiring the Cenacolo very close, it is the most important masterpiece of the Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci.

Then all the 300 participants tasted gourmet finger food at an amazing Galley where the main creations of the Master are reproduced.

The event went on with a refined and tasty placé dinner at the Sala Colonne, even more scenic thanks to a game of light studied in detail.

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