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Hager Bocchiotti

Customer Request

Hager Bocchiotti, leader company in the sector of components and systems for electric systems, contacted Smart Eventi to organise a company event to launch a new product.

Smart Eventi proposal

We organised the launch event of a new product to the inner selling force and the external sellers of Hager Bocchiotti brand.

We proposed an elegant and refined location for the occasion: a luxury 5-star hotel situated in Tortona area inside an historical building of the beginning of the XX century.

The setting was realised paying attention and it was based on an unusual topic: the art of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, who invented the neoplasticism, to launch the new product Pablo Style, that is a particular kind of designed recessed electric frame. Here we interviewed for the occasion Sergio Bonalumi, General Director of Hager Bocchiotti Italia.

In the afternoon the meeting took place, from 3 pm to 7 pm, with a final unveiling of the product with emotional light and sound effects.

At the end of the event we organised a placée dinner at the restaurant inside the location, managing the catering.

We also managed the technical aspects, that is the audio, video and lights service and the selection of the hostesses.


The luxury location gave the right prestige to the event and gave relevance to the characteristics of the new product which was presented.

The client was very satisfied both of the choice of the location and of the development of the event and the final dinner.

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