December 18th, 2017

Groupe Seb's Christmas party

Groupe Seb's company Christmas party.

We organised the company Christmas party for Groupe Seb, a French multinational world leader in the production of small appliances. The event was dedicated to the employees of Milan to spend a pleasant evening all together and wishing merry Christmas before the holidays.

We organised a lot of aspects from the choice of the location, to the Christmas fitting, the technical service and the catering.

The guests were received with a welcome cocktail, followed by a speech by the CEO.

Afterwards we offered a delicious dinner served at the table, during which the participants were entertained by a really special Christmas show. In fact between the courses two "Santa Claus girls" danced on Jingle Bell notes delighting the guests with an amazing show.

Moreover it was presented  to the participants the preview of a new robot for the kitchen which has been given to all the employees as Christmas gift.

To conclude the evening in the best way we set a dessert buffet with panettone, pandoro, cream and chocolate and then the guests danced on our wonderful dj set.


Groupe Seb's company Christmas party.


- Scouting location

- Catering management

- Organisation of the technical service

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