29th November 2018

Sedus Stoll Presentation Event

Presentation of the new design line "office furniture"

Customer Request

Our customer Sedus Stoll contacted us to receive support in the organization of an event to present the new design line.

Smart Eventi proposal

We manage to find a suitable location, where Sedus Stoll could organize the event to present the new design line "office furniture".

During the event the new office chairs and armchairs have been presented.

To remain in line with the topic of the presentation we chose a modern and innovative showroom, with a functional and impacting design, situated in the centre of Milan.

It is a space born from an ancient cinema, reinterpreted by the location's creative team and built with natural pure materials. It also presents high-technology projections, a topic which perfectly combines with the new furniture line presented which has new technologies


Thanks to the wide location and its functionality the presentation went on in the best way, managing to exalt the amazing design of the new line of office furniture.


Presentation of the new design line "office furniture"


Scouting location

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