23rd september 2021

Event organization for Merlo

location, catering, technical support

Customer Request

Merlo spa in collaboration with Smart Eventi organized the event for Amazon called "The Climate Pledge: the commitment of digital to sustainability" . They asked us to support all the activities like a suitable location scouting for carrying out the event safely in compliance with Covid19 regulations, digital support to create the access for guests and a catering service.

Smart Eventi proposal

We proposed a spectacular location for this digital event: Teatro Gerolamo in the heart of Milan In addition to scouting and space organization, Smart Events took care of all the technicalities about streaming, creation of the landing pages to let visitors access on a dedicated domain and graphic customization for the invited users. We also took care of the catering service for the guests present.


We supported the partner agency and created a perfect synergy to achieve the goal.


Giorgio Manduzio
Head of sales & public relations

Thanks Stefania,

First of all, I confirm full customer satisfaction for everything and for the whole event.

Speaking of you what to say ... professionalism, attention to detail, availability have distinguished you very well. I do not dwell on the beauty of the theater because it is known and obvious but a location, even if beautiful, comes alive with people (like a theater with actors) and yes, I can say, "the show" you staged was a showstopper.

Thanks again, really.


location, catering, technical support


event realization for Amazon, scouting for the location, technical support

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