9th-12th June 2019

Branding for Alfabus Europa

Communication project

Customer Request

Alfabus Europa, a company which is launching on the market of the electric buses' commercialisation, contacted Smart Eventi to realise a communication project.

Smart Eventi proposal

We've realised a communication project for Alfabus Europa company, ideating the whole branding.

Our idea, besides the brand's identification and the recognition of all the graphics related to the company's communication, was making the Alfabus stand's visit an experience.

We used the bus as "separator" between two temporal spaces to create this idea: you could enter in the bus in the present and to go out, passing through a tunnel with strobo effects and space odissey music, in a real sensorial wood, with real pines, real mosses, real perfumes and the chilling sound of the nature.

Even the girls who have been chosen for the occasion, were elegant hostesses from 2040 with futuristic glasses.


The stand has been realised in a really unique way, perfectly representing the green and the sustainability topics.

It has been a really unique experience for all the participants.

Valentina Malonni
Back Office

Our company needed an agency that quickly understood our needs and put them into practice, with new and innovative ideas to make us recognizable and make us stand out.

Smart Eventi with Lucio's passion has been able to realize and close the project on time and with good results.

Their team is tight-knit, dreamy, but at the same time realistic.

Nothing is left to chance, even when something is not directly relevant to them they do their best to make everything work.

We would trust them with other projects.


Communication project


Communication project

Ideation and realisation of the fair's stand

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