Team building sail boat for Michelin

Michelin - September 8th-9th, 2016

We organised a team building sailing challenge for Michelin company.
We chose Dongo, on Como lake, because it combined an amazing landscape with the ideal conditions to go sailing.

The idea of using this sport for a team building was born from the metaphor with the company and its internal rules.
In fact there is a coordinated crew who leads the boat, working together helping each other; in the same way the employees inside a company should constitute an harmonious team, who works producing good results thanks to an strong group's spirit.
The sailing challenge represents an unique emotion and it doesn't require much experience, but it leaves a special memory of all the moments together anyway, facing some life proofs.

It is a stimulating alternative which, a part from increasing teamwork, motivation and sense of leadership inside participants, it develops a stronger confidence and discipline.

This activity included ten people from the company's human resources section, to enjoy this formative day in a different environment from the working place.

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