2nd/6th February 2023

A corner of Paris in central Milan: the perfect venue for a stylish brand

Venue scouting

The customer request

Finding the right location for your showroom during the MIDO trade show in Milan

Akoni approached us seeking assistance in finding an ideal venue for their showroom in Milan during the MIDO eyewear trade show. They required a space that could accommodate a separate VIP room, niche areas to showcase their three brands (Akoni, Balmain, and Valentino), as well as six booths for customer meetings and a designated catering area. Our task was to locate the perfect venue that met all their requirements for a successful showcase and also reflected their brand values.

The Smart Eventi proposal

An elegant and sophisticated location in the heart of Milan with Parisian style

When it comes to selecting a venue for a client's event, there is nothing more important than finding a space that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. For Akoni's showroom during the MIDO eyewear trade show, we knew that the perfect venue needed to be elegant and sophisticated, embodying the essence of their brand. After presenting several options to our client, we decided to go with a stunning Parisian-style flat located in the heart of Milan. Its location was a major selling point, as it provided easy accessibility for guests, and its charming design perfectly aligned with the image and style that Akoni wanted to project. The client loved this choice, and we were pleased to see the layout of the venue was perfectly distributed to accommodate all of the requirements for the showroom.

Achived results

Location scouting in line with customer needs

In our assigned project, we triumphantly achieved our goals by selecting a venue that exuded the elegance and sophistication our client desired. Despite the logistical challenges posed by hosting the event in an apartment building not originally designed for such purposes, we skillfully managed the assignment. Our success lay in seamlessly blending the venue's unique setting with the client's vision, resulting in a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience.


Venue scouting


Finding the perfect venue for a showroom

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