14th April 2023

An elegant venue for a stylish clubbing event

Venue scouting and catering management

The customer request

Organizing an agency launch party

Atomical Talent Agency, a creator-focused firm that boosts talents and empowers their community, reached out for assistance in organizing their launch party. They desired a venue in Milan with a nightclub-like atmosphere, accommodating up to 250 guests, with space for a Kit Room and a Mirror Photo Booth, and catering that offered an open bar throughout the event.

The Smart Eventi proposal

An elegant loft with a strategic location in Milan

After much contemplation and reviewing an array of options, the venue that was ultimately chosen was a lovely Loft. It was strategically located in the bustling heart of one of Milan's vibrant “Bicocca” district. This particular location was eventually determined to be an exceptional match, fitting the occasion perfectly. On the day of the event, the structure of the evening was as follows: Firstly, at 21:00 sharp, guests began to make their arrivals. Correspondingly, the open bar service was officially launched. Ensuring that the atmosphere remained lively and energetic, a DJ set was lined up and begun. One of the major highlights of the evening was at 22:30. During this time, Federico, the distinguished CEO of Atomical, addressed the attendees, delivering his highly anticipated speech. The festivities carried on into the early morning hours, officially wrapping up at 2:00 am. This marked the successful conclusion of a well-organized and memorable event.


Achieved Results

An event that fully met the client's expectations

The event was deemed a complete success by all involved, with the location perfectly matching the client’s chosen theme and atmosphere. The catering, too, was appreciated for its quality and service, achieving all the planned goals. The client and their guests were absolutely delighted.

Talent Manager Atomical

The Atomical team would like to thank Gloria for her support during the management of our launch event. Both during the initial contact phase, when she came up with a proposal that was perfectly in line
with what we were looking for, and throughout the organisation of the event.


Venue scouting and catering management


Finding the perfect venue for an event and hiring and managing the catering service

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