29th june 2022

team building experience for ABB

team building cocktail challenge

The Customer's Request

Team building to achieve greater sense of cohesion

ABB is a global leader in electrification, robotics, automation, and motion, to push the boundaries of technology to achieve a more productive and sustainable future.

We were asked to support them in organizing a Team Building and dinner for a management group of 40 people to boost the sense of cohesion among the participants.

Smart Eventi proposal

Cocktail challenge with a view of the Bergamo hills

Taking into account the customer's request, we have proposed a location with a large outdoor area and a view of the Bergamo hills; here the guests were able to attend and partake in our Cocktail Challenge.

After dividing the participants into five teams, we set up a bar counter on one of the outdoor terraces and a market with products for personalizing and creating your cocktail. The activity was animated by a local presenter and by our bartender, who performed acrobatics for the preparation of cocktails. Subsequently, the five teams had to create their "Italian Summer" themed cocktail, and the best ones were rewarded with our gadgets.

The wonder was visible on people's faces, making the image of the company logo appear on the drinks thanks to the "print your Cocktail" service.

Results Achieved

Engagement, stimulation of creativity and textbook event organization

The large outdoor spaces of the location are perfectly adapted to the type of event and the customer's requests. We were able to create harmony between the teams through a team-building activity that is as engaging as it is creative and a moment of sharing during the institutional dinner.

Executive Assistant

It was a great experience. Everything was perfectly organized by a funny staff and we enjoyed ourselves like never before. Undoubtedly an amazing experience.Thank you!


team building cocktail challenge


team building

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