21st February 2023

Charity building with Leica: doing good does you good

“Charity building” team building

The customer request

Organizing engaging team building for charity

Leica, a valued client, sought our expertise to organize a dynamic team building activity centered around the powerful themes of inclusion, diversity, and charity. The request was to create an event that not only fostered unity and understanding among participants but also championed meaningful social impact.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Il Charity Building: un nuovo format di team building

We organised an unforgettable team building activity for Leica: Charity Building. This innovative format consisted of two engaging parts that brought the team together in unique ways. In the first part, participants revelled in friendly competition, challenging one another through games that celebrated Italian culture, culinary expertise, and problem-solving skills, such as constructing a 50cm tower-like structure using only pasta and marshmallows. As the games ended, we surprised each participant with a bag filled with wheels, handlebars, pedals, and other wheelchair components. Their task? Assembling fully functional wheelchairs. This second phase was not only a test of teamwork and resourcefulness but also an opportunity for the teams to contribute to a greater cause. The wheelchairs were adorned with heartwarming messages, expressing well-wishes for the resident guests at Pio Albergo Trivulzio, a well-known and cherished nursing home in Milan.


Achieved results

Organizing engaging team building with orientation toward promoting social issues

The goals we achieved for the assigned job were remarkable. Not only did we facilitate a fun and engaging activity that brought team spirit to new heights, but we also harnessed its potential for positive impact. By donating wheelchairs to a nursing home, we demonstrated the power of leveraging corporate events to make a difference in the community.

Sales Account Manager.

The working relationship was extremely smooth and the support from your side was total.

We are an 'international company, so the bureaucratic management was definitely not easy but eugenia who followed us, was always extremely considerate, succeeding perfectly in the organization of this event despite having to deal with 3 different figures involved in the organization and sometimes absent for business trips.

The smiles on the faces of my colleagues once the event was over, I would say is emblematic of the quality of the service offered.


“Charity building” team building


Team building planning

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