17th December 2020

Digital team building for Cleafy

team building

Customer Request

Cleafy, company that designs and manufactures software in the cyber security and fraud prevention fields, contacted us for the organization of a digital team building with the aim of creating interaction and fun among the participants. Allowing some of them to get to know each other a little more in depth, also considering some entries of new wmployees during the lockdown period (due to Covid-19).

Smart Eventi proposal

We therefore carried out a playful and engaging digital team building activity: our Jingle Contest team building. Through the power of the rhythm of music, this team building is able to generate a strong potential of energy among the participants, even from a distance. Participants are divided into teams through the "virtual rooms" of the chosen digital platform, and the task of each group is to create their own "corporate jingle" starting from the soundtrack, defining the text, creating the musical instruments and finally the performance in front of the other teams and judges.

We also took care of the management of the live streaming platform and the creation of an emotional memory video.


The client was very satisfied with the results achieved through the team building activity which animated and enthused the participants.


team building


digital team building

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