16th June 2022

Team building in the forest: a memorable adventure

team building organisation location scouting trainer and coach management providing customised gadgets transfer service

The customer request

Enjoy an immersive experience balanced between sports and adrenaline

Chem-Trend, a long-standing client, sought our expertise once more to curate a team building activity for their international team meeting in Milan. With a focus on fostering connections and igniting friendly competition, the initial request entailed creating an engaging experience that struck the perfect harmony between sporting endeavours and high-adrenaline thrills.

The Smart Eventi Proposal

Customized Orienteering and Survival activities

We carefully designed a captivating team building experience, immersing them in our exciting Orienteering and Survival package. We took them to the picturesque Parco del Ticino, a peaceful oasis just a stone's throw away from their hotel near Malpensa, providing an escape into nature that transported participants away from the hustle and bustle of Milan.

With meticulous attention to detail, we managed every aspect of the event. From mapping the lush terrain to crafting stimulating survival challenges, our dedicated team took charge. Not only did we coordinate expert trainers and coaches, but we also provided customised event essentials such as branded bags, vibrant orange caps, and coloured team bands. To top it all off, a set of splendid orange compasses, reflecting Chem-Trend's visual identity, served as remarkable rewards for the winning team.

The adventure unfolded as enthusiastic teams embarked on their journey armed with paper maps and compasses to navigate through the enchanting forest. At each designated point, participants were met with thrilling challenges. These tests ranged from setting up a campsite and conquering a challenging rope course to igniting a campfire the old-fashioned way, without the convenience of a lighter.

As the event reached its exhilarating conclusion, we celebrated the team that conquered all assigned positions and triumphed in the survival trials, rewarding their exceptional performance. The Orienteering and Survival package not only fostered collaboration and camaraderie but also pushed participants to conquer fears and showcase their ingenuity amidst the awe-inspiring setting of Parco del Ticino.

Achieved Results

Enhancing a sense of belonging to the company and creating a cohesive group through team building organization

Our mission was a resounding success as we effortlessly quelled the participants' initial apprehension about the surprise activity that awaited them. Witnessing their transformation from uncertain to satisfied, we achieved our goal of fostering a cohesive and united group. Through our expertly crafted team building experience, we not only bridged the gaps between individuals but also ignited a sense of camaraderie that reverberated long after the day's festivities concluded.


team building organisation location scouting trainer and coach management providing customised gadgets transfer service


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