June 2014

Three day incenticve travel with Bankasa Team

Incentive travel and team building

The professional relationship between Smart Eventi and Bankasa – a leading real estate firm from Milan - , with particular focus on the organisation of team-building activities, goes back a long way. In 2014 the destination we selected was Sardinia. We reached the island by plane and the team settled in the isle of Tavolara and kicked off the proceedings with an exclusive beach party.
On the next day we traveled to the southern part of the island for the first of many team-building activities: a canoe race in a natural paradise, with the breath-taking scenery of Mount Gennargentu before us. A delicious lunch followed, with locally sourced food and in the company of a shepherd, who told us tales of the local traditions and the hardships faced by the rural communities of that area over the years. In the afternoon the team went trekking in the nearby caves and, on the following day, they practiced precision rifle shooting.
The three-day schedule was carefully planned by us with a view to strengthening emotional bonds between individual team members. One extra-special challenge consisted in moving from one place to the next, on the island, which was not easy in itself and which we turned into an orienteering practice on jeeps.
All team members thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, as each and every one of them felt deeply involved at all times.

Mr. Giuliano Ruzza
Manager Bankasa

The "Sardinia 2014" project you managed for Bankasa was spectacular. Your masterful organisation was instrumental in helping the management get the values they wanted to convey to their employees into focus. The scenery was breath-taking and we got to learn about local history and traditions. Our team has emerged from this experience stronger and tighter and we are all looking forward to next year's team-building. We have been working with you for five years now and we feel you really understand our needs and share our goals.


Incentive travel and team building


Organising team-building activities as part of an incentive travel program, in order to strengthen team spirit and bonds between team members.

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