19th December 2023

Doing good does you good: charity building and bike building for Ansys

Team building – Charity building – Bicycle building

The client request

A non-profit team building

Ansys, a longtime satisfied customer, commissioned us to plan a non-profit team building exercise, aimed at strengthening bonds among employees and, at the same time, producing positive change in the community, embodying the Christmas spirit. A unique opportunity to combine entertainment with purpose, promoting solidarity and corporate harmony, in a festive context.

The Smart Eventi proposal

A Bike Building for children

From the company’s charitable impulse came a new version of our classic “bike building”activity. We suggested that the client try their hand at creating, as a team, children bicycles, which were then donated to a shelter for children in need. This initiative made it possible to combine the company’s goals with a higher purpose, promoting collaboration towards a noble cause. Once they arrived at the chosen location, carefully selected to ensure adequate space for this challenging undertaking, Ansys employees delved into the proposed activity with great enthusiasm and dedication. The experience ended brilliantly with a company lunch, which further strengthened internal bonds within the client’s team, as everyone experienced a deep sense of satisfaction with the task they had accomplished.

Achived results

An experience beyond the donation

Ansys' experience transcended the mere donation of the built bicycles, embracing the true meaning of team building. The delivery, which happened in the presence of a delegation of employees, provided an authentic and intense experience, which included touring the facility and witnessing the positive impact of the initiative, reinforcing the excitement that is already connected to Christmas time.


Team building – Charity building – Bicycle building


Planning a sustainable team building exercise with a social and community value

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