02nd Dicember 2020

Digital event for TopLegal Awards

Digital event

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The TopLegal Awards, one of the most important events in Italy in the legal sector, have launched a tender for the organization of the digital edition of their event.

Smart Eventi proposal

We won the organization of the event thanks to the innovation of the project we proposed.

We managed the project in its entirety, starting from the transformation of a physical event into a digital event, which led us to propose a more interactive and fun format than its historical institution.

We proposed the use of Virtual Production technology for the first time in live streaming, reaching almost 1000 people remotely, with 67 live awards, each of which with a live connection and having only the 2 presenters in attendance, including one internal journalist and a television co-host proposed by us capable of giving life to the whole event with his irony and empathy.

The 3D virtual set was designed and created starting from the logo and the colors of the event, so as to achieve coordinated and precise communication in all its phases.

We also created 3 emotional videos (teaser, intro video and best of of the event), almost 300 bumpers used during the live, almost 150 girths and all the post-event communication with the creation of almost 150 contributions (photos and videos) of people interviewed during the event.

During the event at the 3D Set (in presence) we set up cameras, return screens, hunchbacks and many other technical direction equipment, involving almost 20 operators capable of transforming the virtual event into a revolutionary and absolutely innovative event.


The result obtained was undoubtedly surprising, something that had not yet been seen in the world of events.


Digital event


virtual location design

technical service

direction of the live streaming

supply staff and presenters

emotional video production

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