13th October 2020

Virtual event for One Team

Virtual event

Customer Request

One Team SRL, a company that operates in the IT consultancy sector, contacted us to organize a virtual event as they cannot physically organize their event as every year.

Smart Eventi proposal

After listening to their needs, we proposed the Hypersmarter platform, showing its functionality and potential .. and positively surprising them.

We study the set up of the virtual world, starting from the choice of the most suitable location, the landscape in which to insert the virtual world and above all the spaces necessary to position the sponsor/exhibitor areas. We then customized it with the graphics provided by the customer necessary to customize the virtual environment, so as to make it THEIR virtual world.

In the next phase we explored the details of the event direction, choosing a hybrid formula that led us to manage some live moments at their headquarters, with microphones, cameras and all the necessary technical parts (audio video and lights).

We also connected remote speakers with the most suitable live streaming tools.


The greatest success of this event is given by the fact that from the following day our client started offering our services to his partners, to whom he showed the success of the event also in terms of numbers.


Virtual event


virtual location design

hybrid event direction

live streaming

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