TXT Christmas party


Customer Request

TXT, our loyal customer since years, asked us to organize its Christmas party for the eighth year. It has become a fundamental appointment for the prestigious IT company.

Smart Eventi proposal

For the eighth year Smart Eventi organized TXT Christmas party and it chose for the occasion an amzing and wide location, perfect to host more than 300 guests.

This spectacular venue is also suitable to be personalized for the customer.

The participants found a rich buffet waiting for them and they've been entertained by a live performance which warmed up the atmosphere.

A dedicated open bar and an happy music selection with the dj on the dancefloor has been the perfect mix to let the guests dance till late.


The party went on in the best way: the guests had fun and danced till the end, cheering and wishing happy holidays in the special atmosphere created by the magic location proposed by Smart Eventi.

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