Press day for L'Erbolario


Customer Request

The famous brand the L'Erbolario contacted Smart Eventi to organize a press day in occasion of the launch of the new collection of skincare and body care products.

Smart Eventi proposal

We found a suitable location to organise a press day for L'Erbolario to launch the new collection of skincare and body care products.

We proposed a neutral space to answer to our client's needs, which could be set with the brand's products and visuals.

It is a small industrial space in Garibaldi area which is very minimal and which is perfect to realise an ad hoc setting which is in line with the event.

It is a prestigious location, ideal to organize big events and which offers the possibility of a dehors, projections and of organizing catering and refreshments.

During the press day, which saw the participation of journalists and expert of the field, the new collection's products were shown and the participants had the possibility of trying them on their own skin.


The neutral location allowed a setting which was in line with the brand and which gave relevance to the products presented during the event.

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