4th July-11th August

Roman Theatre International Festival in Volterra

Digital communication project

Customer Request

The organisation of the Roman Theatre International Festival in Volterra contacted Smart Eventi because it needed a communication project focused on digital which promoted this special event focusing on the digital area.

Smart Eventi proposal

The Theatre represents an amazing historical location and it hosts this manifestation since ten years, in which international artists exhibit in theatre and music performance in front of a wide public, having a great success every year.

This year we supported the organisation of the Roman Theatre International Festival in Volterra handling the communication project and ideating and managing the Adwords, Facebook and Instagram online campaigns. We therefore analyzed the website pages and the Festival landing pages, localising all the campaigns on a defined target group. We therefore took care of the brand image focusing on the whole restyling of the digital graphics proposing different layouts for the banners and creating different creative grills for the posts of the Festival's official social channels.


Our communication project reached the expected results both for the festival's promotion through online campaigns and social and for the brand's restyling, which has been rethought according to the characteristics and the values which the Festival represents.

Simone Migliorini
Organisation Manager of the Roman Theatre International Festival in Volterra

I wanted to thank you also from the whole staff and the organisation, from the patrons and the sponsors and also the artists and I'd like and we'd like to thank the whole Smart Eventi and Guru Marketing Agency, because they cheated on me, but for a good purpose. I wait for you in Volterra to start working on the next edition and let you see what you've done!


Digital communication project


Online campaigns, adwords, Facebook and Instagram ideation and management

Brand restyling 

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