10th January 2019

Press day for Citroën

Press day to present Citroën's White Cruise Adventure

Customer Request

Citroën relied on Smart Eventi to organise a press day for the presentation of the White Cruise Adventure car: the main character of a travel until the Northern Europe.

Smart Eventi proposal

We committed in the realisation of a really unique press day, recalling the Norwegian topic in every aspect of the event.

The main characters of this adventure in the Northern Europe and some journalists ready to interview the adventurers have been invited.

We have carefully selected a technological location to present the White Cruise Adventure by Citroën, a space which offered impacting video systems for the contents and windows on the street which gave the possibility of showing the car inside to give more visibility from the exterior.

Concerning the setting we have decided to use the typical colour of the Nordic landscapes, that is white, choosing a minimal total white style.

Even the catering was related to the Norwegian topic, both for the food proposals, included in the menu, and for the setting.


The Norwegian topic, recalled in every aspect of the event, from the setting to the catering, has been really appreciated by the guests, who completely immersed themselves in the Nordic atmosphere. Thanks to this important aspect and to the innovative location, the presentation of the White Cruise Adventure car had a great success among the participants.


Press day to present Citroën's White Cruise Adventure


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