Team Cooking for Panduit

Panduit - September 27th, 2017

Panduit, world leader in the electric and electronic production sector, in occasion of the international meeting in Milan relied on us for the team building's organisation.

Besides offering some spare time from the convention, this kind of activity's need is to increase the interaction among the participants and to allow them to know better each other in a less formal environment that could promote socialisation.

We chose the team cooking: every team found a mystery box on its place containing some products - all made in Italy - that they had to use to create 3 types of finger food.

As we are in Italy, Cooking and Pasta Master, it was impossible not to organise a pasta challenge. Thanks to the help of our chefs, the teams kneaded and cooked tagliatelle, ravioli and trofie.

The team building was a great success because the participants cooked very creative dishes born from the fusion of different cooking traditions.

The jury had great difficulties in proclaiming the winner because each team did its best both for creativity and collaboration and team spirit.

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