5th april 2022

San Paolo Invest and Drum circle in the Roman countryside

team building- drum circle

The Customer's Request

The complexity we are experiencing requires a deep consideration of the strategies to be adopted for our growth, valuing what has worked and abandoning what has not been effective.

Moved by the will to encourage and entertain its employees in an activity to leave behind the hard period set by covid, the San Paolo Invest company contacted us for the realization of a team building based on the aforementioned brief.

The client, precise and meticulous, provided us with all the tools to understand what the goal was: wanting to get people out of their comfort zone by providing them with the tools to bring out their resources and the necessary motivation to obtain personal and team success.

The Smart Eventi proposal

By the customer's requests, we identified in the Drum CIrcle the activity that best focused the goals. By exploiting the communicative "power" of music and rhythm, we have proposed a team building with creative tones, able to improve communication between people and time management.

One of our "facilitators", a leading figure who plays an orchestra conductor, managed the participants from the first phase of the presentation through the use of the body, the warm-up, to the second of expression through musical instruments,  up to the third and last, the challenge between teams after organizing their own piece..

On this occasion, the location was requested by the client, who proposed us an ancient granary immersed in the evocative landscapes of the Roman countryside, now restored in a shabby-chic style, ideal for receptions, meetings, and relaxing stays full of large spaces internal and external.

Achieved Results

We were able to bring out the skills of a single individual and unite them in an effective team, promoter of a memorable melody.

The customer has confirmed the high quality of the proposal, feeling fully satisfied with the Team Building and, participants, were able to relax and get involved serenely, breaking down the hierarchical distances typical of a company organization, creating synergies going beyond the role played in the place on the site of work.


team building- drum circle


bring out of one's comfort zone

Training and cohesion activities between teams

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