13th July 2018

Team Cooking for Rentokil Initial

Team building

Customer Request

Rentokil Initial, the main company services’ supplier of the world, specialized in hygiene services and disinfestation, required our support in the organization of an involving activity for their employees, which contributed to improve the team spirit inside the group.

Smart Eventi proposal

Smart Eventi specifically chose a refined location, situated in the real heart of the capital, to make the contest absolutely special and to offer the possibility of ending the day with an amazing tour of the eternal city: Rome.

The chosen activity was a team cooking, to involve the participants in a cooking challenge in the name of the Italian tradition. As the number of people wasn’t very high, they’ve been divided into two teams, each one followed by a chef who supported them during the ice-cream preparation and while they were trying to cook a typical Roman recipe.


During the challenge there was an amazing atmosphere of cooperation inside the two groups, while the participants gathered their energy together to realize the best dish.

The whole experience was surrounded by a bit of competitive atmosphere, which contributed to make the challenge even more interesting.

Smart Eventi worked hard to realise the activity, finding a suitable location and expert chefs who were able to guide the teams during the cooking activity.


Team building


Scouting location

Team cooking

City sightseeing

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