23rd September 2018

D’Exterior Fashion Show

Fashion Show

Customer Request

D’Exterior, luxury brand which procuces high-fashion texture thanks to the braiding of selected strands, of wefts and creative works, contacted us to find a suitable location to host their show during the fashion week.

Smart Eventi proposal

We committed to find a location that underlined the new collection presented on the catwalk. The collection was minimal, made with cold colours like white, silver and black, therefore the space had to be neutral and elegant.

We therefore proposed a location which was born from the restoration of an industrial building, which was minimal and with white walls and big windows that we covered with a black fabric.

The setting was specifically minimal to adress the guests' attention just on the clothes that were shown on the catwalk.


The location we chose was perfectly in line with the new collection's style, underlining its main characteristics like the cold shades and the minimalism.

The result was really surprising as the guests were very impressed by the wide and modern space which was perfect to host this kind of fashion show.


Fashion Show


Scouting location

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