12th May 2023

A world-class venue for a world-class event

Venue scouting, set-up design and management, catering and entertainment

The customer request

Organizing a gala event for top managers of a well-known Canadian insurance company

Incentive travel powerhouse NHE Travel, from China, masterminded a fabulous three-day Italian adventure for a sizeable Canadian insurance client. They contracted us to help them find the ultimate venue for an exclusive, unforgettable gala dinner to celebrate the success of the client firm's top 30 elite managers.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Elegant location, extraordinary arrangements and entertainment proposal in line with the style of the location

Months before the big event, our Chinese clients journeyed to Milan to explore the city's most elegant venues with us. They selected the most prestigious, exclusive one in town: a truly magnificent residence. Joining forces, we designed remarkable decor—building two 6x3-meter panels on which oil portraits of the guests were to be hung. Together, we finalised an imperial table setup, curated a mouth-watering menu, crafted floral arrangements, and orchestrated live classic-music entertainment programme that perfectly aligned with the chosen location. The live performance featured a piano, harp, and soprano-trio, which wowed our guests, even surprising them with a few - greatly appreciated - Chinese songs.

Achieved results

Organizing an highest quality event

Despite its complexity, the event went smoothly over and beyond expectations. Managing a 30- guest dinner can be a monumental task, particularly with such a demanding and detail-oriented client such as this one. Consequently, the satisfaction of accomplishing it perfectly and reaching all of our set goals was correspondingly great.


Venue scouting, set-up design and management, catering and entertainment


Finding an exclusive venue, setting it up for a grandiose gala dinner, creating a first-class experience with a top-quality menu and sophisticated entertainment.

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