23rd December 2022

Bringing the Christmas spirit to the most unusual venues!

Event design, set-up, supplier management, hostess management, photographer and videomaker management.

The customer request

Organizing the corporate Christmas event in a space out of the ordinary

We were presented with an exhilarating opportunity to organize a truly enchanting Christmas event within the expansive hangar of Topjet Executive, where their magnificent jets usually reside. Our task was to metamorphose this space into a warm and inviting setting, perfectly suited for a memorable festive gathering. Embracing the challenge with boundless enthusiasm, we assumed complete responsibility for the event's organization, diligently managing a talented team of personnel, including hostesses, suppliers, photographers, videomakers, and more.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Minimal furnishings and beautifully designed fittings

With a passionate drive for excellence, we organised a captivating Christmas event for our client, catering to their every requirement. The creation of a refined décor design transformed the space into a haven of elegance, where minimalist furniture fostered a gentle and inviting atmosphere. Careful thought was given to defining specific areas within the hangar, each serving a designated function, including catering, lounge, and cloakroom. To ensure impeccable guest service, a team of professional and attentive hostesses was appointed. Moreover, we enlisted the expertise of a skilled photographer to immortalise the occasion, while supervising the filming and post-production process for a captivating teaser video. The result was a magnificent celebration that captured the spirit of Christmas with style and sophistication.

Achieved results

Organizing a memorable Christmas event

We successfully met and exceeded the client's expectations, embracing this unique challenge with unwavering commitment. Additionally, our excellent collaboration with the other professionals involved in the event's planning further enhanced the overall success of the project. We take immense pride in our ability to deliver exceptional results and create a memorable experience for all involved.


Event design, set-up, supplier management, hostess management, photographer and videomaker management.


Organising a Christmas party in a jet hangar

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