23rd March 2023

New office party

Planning of an office opening

The customer request

Organizing the event for the opening of the new offices.

When Sennder approached us to help organise the opening of their new offices, we knew it was going to be an exciting challenge. Luckily, the space came equipped with a fantastic terrace and kitchen ready for use. Our task was to envision the right layout for the room, and select the best services to make the evening remarkable. One major consideration was the fact that Sennder has a young workforce, which meant our approach needed to be fresh and innovative.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Organizing an event with a young and innovative style

When it comes to curating unforgettable events, Smart Eventi always goes above and beyond to leave a lasting impression. For Sennder's grand office opening in Milan, we took the time to thoroughly inspect the space and understand the target group. Based on our findings, we proposed an extraordinary concept. We envisioned setting up a professional bar counter from scratch on the picturesque terrace, beckoning guests to indulge in a handpicked selection of premium cocktails. But we didn't stop there. Being committed to delivering an impeccable experience, we recommended a trusted and innovative food supplier known for their mastery in crafting a menu that was both innovative and rich in flavour, perfect for a young and dynamic target. And to add an extra touch of exhilaration to the evening, we knew that DJ entertainment and the presence of a talented videomaker were non-negotiable. These additions would ensure that the atmosphere was electric and every precious moment was captured and cherished.


Risultati raggiunti

Achieving customer goals by exceeding expectations

Our team's dedication led to an exceptional event and satisfied customer. We achieved our goals and surpassed expectations. At Smart Eventi, we are committed to delivering impeccable results, and we are proud to say that we lived up to our reputation.

Office Manager

I already knew Smart Eventi, and I had no doubt about choosing them to throw our Opening Party at our new offices. They accompanied us in choosing the most suitable service providers for the occasion, in a dynamic context where the well-being of employees is greatly valued. In addition to the DJ, we had two caterers, one dedicated to food and one to beverage, both very good: finger food in generous portions and excellent cocktails, as well as competent staff. Federica, the contact person for our event, is a reliable and really smart woman. Congratulations!


Planning of an office opening


An exciting event for a young and dynamic audience

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