11th june 2022

Enigmas and places and stories to discover on Lake Maggiore

Scouting Location Team Building scavenger hunt catering and corporate party

The Customer's Request

Organizing a team building to regain a good corporate atmosphere

IrisCube, one of the main Information Technology companies in Italy specializing in supporting the principal industrial groups for the definition and development of business models enabled by the new technologies and communication paradigms, has contacted us for the realization of a Team Building.

Moved by the desire to explore alternative but always high-profile team activities, we were asked for a Team Building for 150 employees. On the one hand, it allowed us to restore the corporate atmosphere lost due to the quarantine, while on the other hand, it allowed us to welcome newcomers.

The Smart Eventi proposal

An unconventional treasure hunt

We thought it was necessary to propose an "exercise" through which to nourish healthy competitiveness among employees and, at the same time, allow them to have fun discovering the stories of one of the most beautiful places in Italy. The treasure hunt: a great classic, but in great demand among our customers; a team building made up of puzzles, riddles, and quizzes, which requires problem-solving skills under pressure and a great attitude in time management.

On this occasion, we wanted to propose an unconventional treasure hunt, using alternative means of transport, and for this reason, we proposed to the company to combine the team building with a corporate weekend in the Borromean Islands on the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore. After a thorough scouting activity, we were able to find the location and the services that allowed us to organize the treasure hunt using motorboats as alternative means of transport for the competing teams.

4 teams, 1 skipper and 1 motorboat tour guide alternating the search for clues, with the story of Lake Maggiore and the Borromean islands. Once the treasure was found, the 150 employees were able to relax with a lake-view lunch and a typical lake menu.

Acieved Results

Particularly appreciated activity and successful organization

We have succeeded in the complex organization of this activity, guaranteeing services and transfers, and achieving particularly positive results from the treasure hunt. The customer was very satisfied, not only with the proposal, alternative, and high profile as requested, but also with the happy changes later made within the company teams, a consequence of the experience.

iOS Consultant

We had an experience that we highly recommend, made unforgettable thanks to a really good staff, a perfectly successful organization, and a lot of fun guaranteed.

Smart Eventi allowed us to spend a pleasant weekend on the shores of Lake Maggiore in the name of relaxation and fun.

Thanks to the proposed activities, we were able to recover the team atmosphere lost with the quarantine and welcome the newcomers.

Therefore a sincere thanks to Smart Eventi for the great commitment and dedication in organizing and carrying out the work. "


Scouting Location Team Building scavenger hunt catering and corporate party


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