20th December 2022

Christmas event and surprising set-ups in the Saint Gobain offices

Office design and fittings, Christmas event organization, Catering supply for aperitifs, Supply of laboratory activities

The Customer Request

Set up of the spaces and organize the Christmas event

Saint Gobain, our loyal customer for whom we have organized various team-building activities and events, has contacted us again asking for the first time to support him in the organization of the Christmas event and the design of the office arrangements set up for the occasion.


The Smart Eventi proposal

Elegant and refined settings and an engaging event with a surprise effect

Accustomed to setting up locations designed to hold events, we found ourselves faced with the need to develop a layout for spaces that, usually used as offices, certainly required a different planning.

A new challenge that, thanks to the comparison and support of one of our trusted suppliers, we were able to achieve a Christmas-style set-up project including a Christmas tree, reindeer sleigh, window stickers, and various floral decorations.

We were then asked to organize an engaging employee activity. After various proposals, a garland workshop was selected, where a box was made available to each employee containing a bare garland, made only of branches and a kit of pampas, lights, small pinecones, and a candle, to be used to customize the garland that would then be used as a centerpiece or decoration of one's homes.

Finally, the customer asked us to create a moment with a surprise effect, to give the new company backpack to all employees.

To satisfy this request, we placed a 1.5m x 1.5m package in the room which, with an "explosion box" effect, opened unexpectedly revealing the contents to all those present as a gift.

A moment that stunned the participants who then concluded the event by taking part in the organized aperitif.


Achieved Results

Expansion of our range of services and renewal of the customer loyalty relationship

By putting ourselves to the test, we were able to design and create an installation in spaces that we usually weren't used to personalizing, expanding the range of our services.

The relationship of loyalty and collaboration between the parties has been renewed, and the customer has once again provided positive feedback for our work.

Assistant Director and Internal Communication

The Smart Eventi team supported us in organizing the Xmas Party dedicated to employees in our new headquarters in Milan.

Right from the design stage, they have been very attentive to our needs and have proposed solutions that are perfectly in line with our requests.

Precise, punctual and organized, they have guaranteed us excellent services. Event appreciated by all and a significantly positive experience, which we will keep in consideration for future organizations.


Office design and fittings, Christmas event organization, Catering supply for aperitifs, Supply of laboratory activities


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