21th june 2022

Carton Boat is the Team Building activity proposed to Bip Consulting

team building

The Customer's Request

Summer team building organization for Bip

Bip, an international strategic consulting company for companies and a loyal customer of Smart Eventi, contacted us to organize a summer Team Building to create a moment of team working and cooperation between managers and junior employers. A moment to test yourself, but also to have fun and be entertained away from the chaos of the city and the frenzy imposed by the pace of work.

The Smart Eventi proposal

A team building to stimulate physical and intellectual faculties

Following the request, we have proposed the Carton Boat activity. A team building that as a final result, involves the construction of a boat by the teams, formed by 2 to 4 members at most, requiring the maximum use of physical and intellectual faculties. The winning team will be the one who, once the boat has been built, will be able to face a sporting test in the water aboard their boat, and above all remaining afloat.

An experience undoubtedly full of inspirations that inevitably requires locations prepared to host this type of activity. Therefore, we have proposed a beach on the shores of Lake Iseo, a few meters from the city center but in an environment that ensures likewise complete isolation.

To complete the organization, we took care of all the transportation and catering services, and we organized the moments of relax and leisure essential for the success of team building.

Achieved Results

Team building goals achievement 

In addition to the construction of the boats, we have managed to create a climate of collaboration that goes beyond the role of the individual employee in the company; team leaders and junior employers took part in the proposed activity with the utmost enthusiasm, completing the race and achieving the desired results for the satisfied customer.


team building


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stimulate intellectual and physical faculties

 have fun

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