6th June 2019

Maillis Wine Tasting

Team Building Wine Tasting

Customer Request

Our customer Maillis contacted us to organise a team building which included a peculiar activity for the group.

Maillis is an essential player in Transit Packaging Solutions, designing and manufacturing complete wrapping, strapping and carton sealing systems.

Smart Eventi proposal

We organized a daily event in Franciacorta to answer in the best way to our customer Maillis' request, following them in every transfer.

After the check-in in the amazing 4-star hotel where in the afternoon there were business meetings, in the late afternoon we took the group to visit the famous cellars in the area.

We chose this location to organise the wine tasting team building, which had a great success and which allowed the guests to taste four different kinds of sparkling wine explained by our sommelier and our presenter, who entertained the customers during the whole dinner.

The evening ended with a transfer which took the group back to the hotel to rest after the engaging day full of activities.


The participants appreciated a lot the activity that we proposed for the team building because they thought it was very interesting, funny and involving at the same time.

The customer was very satisfied of the development of the event.

“Good morning Luca, many thanks for all the work accomplished for the event!

It has truly been a great evening and everyone had a lot of fun. Angie is a precious one too and she made our evening fabulous ”


Team Building Wine Tasting


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