19th December 2022

Dresses as a work of art for the annual MEIMEIJs buyers fashion presentation event

Organization of the annual presentation fashion collection to the buyers

The customer request 

Organize the presentation of the new collection for fashion brand buyers

MEIMEIJ, a fashion brand belonging to the Angelica Fashion group, has chosen us at Smart Eventi for years to organize its most important events. Every six months MEIMEIJ presents its collections to sales agents and buyers, a fundamental moment for every clothing brand. The primary need in cases like these is to make the dresses the real protagonists and make them stand out at the best, but always without forgetting the part related to the aggregation and entertainment of the participants, for which the customer had planned a meeting and a Christmas-themed aperitif.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Minimal location to display clothes as true works of art

In order to respond at the best to the customer’s needs, we have chosen for MEIMEIJ a specifically minimal location, with neutral colors, excellent lighting and large walls, ideal canvas in front of which to display the clothes like works of art. The location in question, situated in the very center of Milan and therefore easily accessible, has been identified because it has airy and easily modulating spaces, great to support the dual soul of the event. The winning solution was to ideally divide the venue into two parts: on the one hand the physical and video exhibition of the collection, on the other, the setting up of a meeting area where the latest news were presented together with the company’s balance sheets. To conclude the day, a rich Christmas aperitif with a catering designed specifically for the occasion and some gadgets customized for the guests.

Achieved results

A perfectly organized event to meet the client's expectations

The location proposed by Smart Eventi turned out to be to be perfect to highlight the type of event, enhance the garments and the brand image. Organization and catering were highly appreciated by the client, strengthening further the collaboration relationship between the parts.


Organization of the annual presentation fashion collection to the buyers


scouting location

set up

meeting catering

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