19th December 2018

Team Cooking for Groz Beckert

Team Cooking

Customer Request

In occasion of the company's annual meeting, Groz Beckert asked us to find a location to organize the meeting and the final team building.

Smart Eventi proposal

We proposed a multifunctional location, which offered an area to present the meeting and an open kitchen to organize the team cooking.

The team building was a surprise for the teams who reacted in the best way collaborating among them to cook a complete dinner.

Each team had to cook a dish: starter, first course, main course and dessert.

They collaborated as a real group achieving the real target of the day, which wasn't to reward a specific team but to spend a special day all together!

We managed each detail of the event and we provided all the participants with a personalized apron with their names.


Our customer Groz Beckert's target was to make the participants collaborate like a real team, strengthening the team spirit.

Thanks to the team building activity proposed by Smart Eventi they manage to achieve the desired result with great satisfaction of all the participants.


Team Cooking


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Team building organization

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